Ballers: (S02E06) "Saturdaze"

From almost quiting this show to now waiting for the next one – how I describe my time with Ballers. You might not agree with me but I for one am not an American Football fan making it even harder to like it. But here we are all enjoying it.
Starting with a scene in the bar where Spencer has a nice chat with  Jason about relationships. From what we already know from last time Spencer is now in a long-distance relationship. There is a reason why parents tell their daughters to stay away from “football players” which obviously Jason points out. Their convo gets cut short when the news shows a critic going full on brutal on Mack not being picked as first draft.
That doesn’t settle well with the two and they decide to go on a boat ride with the critic who is a former football player as well. Mack has some similarities with Donald Trump (small hands) which he is made fun of. However they all had their drinks but went to business in which Mack was drunk on a beach and managed to run in an impressive time which got the critic impressed. Problem solved.
But life isn’t as simple as that. While on the boat Jason gets bad news, Denis tweeted that Buffalos are giving a better offer. Being famous means every word you say will be held accountable in the court of media. New Orleans pull their offer and Ricky isn’t happy about it and goes to have a fight with his dad. But what was impressive was how New Orleans team sent over two girls to warm Ricky up. Unfortunately yes they are still used as objects to make men make decisions.
Our man Charles had the worst job. Imagine being the person who has to fire someone who just got into the team. Being the face that delivers bad news to a man in his house. Well Charles couldn’t do that and he chickens out but gets motivated by his supporting wife to only return to see a very angry Novack. It took him courage and he finally said what he had in his mind out loud. It is going to be interesting to see what he does next.
Have you seen how people act when they are doing some snooping? 

Joe did that to Andre when he “mistakenly” walked in the wrong room. The room being Andre’s office. He did get caught but Andre is using a strategy of trying to woo him into joining him. Creating some mistrust between Joe & Spencer he spoke all about the mismanagement of funds by Spencer. Hopefully we won’t be seeing a break up between the two partners.
With no news from Vernon it is safe to say he is enjoying his time off.