American Gothic: (S01E10) "The Veteran in a New Field"

The show opens with news reports of the murder of the reporter Jennifer. Brady and Linda are talking and Brady says his gut says copycat. Linda says he was a kid in school during the first silver bells killings. She was on the site of the murder. Linda and Brady are at Jennifer’s murder site and Linda points out that the killer cleaned with pine just like the original silver bells killer. Garrett’s attorney is talking to the prosecution saying clearly Garrett is innocent of being the accomplice as he is in prison while murders are still happening. Maddie goes to tell Alison that Garrett will be released in a few hours. Alison is upset and is watching Jennifer’s murder on the computer. Linda marches into Alison’s office and asks Maddie for everything from Mitch’s funeral. Now Linda says that Alison’s name keeps coming up into the silver bells killer case and she wants Alison to come down to the station. Alison says no. Linda says she will tell the news outlets that Alison is not cooperating with the investigation.
Tessa is at the prison talking to Garrett. She is telling him she believed in him and gave him the benefit of the doubt. She wants Garrett to talk to her because that is what she deserves. Garrett tells Tessa the story of how he had to kill his old friend Al Jenkins. So now are we supposed to believe Garrett is NOT the accomplice? Tessa says that is heartbreaking but it was an act of mercy. Tessa asks why he didn’t just tell her. Garrett says it’s not easy to talk about. Tessa says from now on tell me everything. We are family. Garrett tells Tessa that Christine is pregnant. Tessa asks Garrett if he wants to be a father. Garrett tears up and says he really wants it. Tessa laughs and says she is learning a lot about Garrett today.
Cam is being released from rehab. The nurse signing him out tells him to go enjoy his son’s event tonight. Cam invites the nurse but she says she can’t go. He isn’t supposed to date for the first year.
Brady is talking to an FBI agent and he is begging to be allowed to work the case. The agent says there is a mandatory meeting in an hour and he can attend.
Linda has Alison down at the station and is asking her questions about Jennifer as there are phone records of lots of calls between Alison and Jennifer. Alison says Brady can question her or you can call my attorney. It’s the same one that got Garrett out of jail. Linda points out this is another conflict of interest with Brady. Linda says fine and leaves. Alison says the thinks Jennifer was murdered because of her and that she thinks she knows who murdered her. Alison says she thinks her father’s accomplice is Mayor Conley. Now that’s just crazy. Brady asks her if she has proof. Alison hands Brady an envelope and shows him pictures of Linda and Conley in a car together. Jennifer was about to report something big on this story right before she was killed. Brady says they are going to need something definitive. Alison says if Linda is in on it so are others and Brady can’t trust anyone.
At the mansion, Maddie notices a window open and then she notices three belts laid out on a couch. Now who did that? Cam and Jack are playing. Jack is happy his dad is home. Maddie goes in to talk to Cam and Jack and Maddie asks if Jack took anything out of her closet. He says not lately. Maddie sends Jack away for cookies. Maddie tells Cam he should fight Sophie for sole custody. He says he will see Sophie later for Jack’s school project and he will talk to her about it then.
Garrett walks out of prison to Tessa waiting for him. He asks if she talked to Christine. She says no. She assures Garrett that they will find her.
Cam brings Jack over to Sophie’s. The desktop is covered in doll parts and soda pop. Some school project.
Alison and Brady are driving and talking. Alison tells Brady Jennifer was fiercely protective of her sources. They are going to her apartment.
Maddie is at home going through Mitch’s funeral stuff and tells the FBI agent she will hand it all over.
Tessa offers to drive Garrett somewhere but he says he will take his truck after he showers.
Maddie makes a phone call to someone (we don’t know who) and asks them why they were at Mitch’s funeral. Hmmm…
Tessa tells Maddie that Garrett is home. He is upstairs. Maddie says that’s good. Tessa asks Maddie why an FBI agent was at the house. Maddie says they think the accomplice was at the funeral which means they think it was one of us. Maddie says they just have to stay united. Tessa looks at the phone and writes down the name and number of the last person dialed. Cam walks into a room and sees Garrett and he is surprised to see him. Cam tries to tell Garrett that he needs to go to Jack’s program tonight. Garrett just asks for his keys back. Cam says Jack feels a big connection to Garrett and this is important as Sophie might not be a big part of Jack’s life anymore. Garrett takes his keys and leaves without saying anything.
Alison and Brady are at Jennifer’s house and they uncover a hidden safe. Alison thought Brady would have safecracking tools. LOL! They try to guess the combination. Alison guesses it right and the safe opens. She pulls stuff out to look at. Brady finds a USB drive.
An FBI agent, Linda, and Brady are in Alison’s office. Alison plays the file on the USB drive. It is Linda’s voice saying she destroyed the evidence linking Mayor Conley to the crime scene. Wow!
Linda talks about being recorded without consent. Alison says you let me and my family go through this horror show and you were my father’s accomplice. Mayor Conley says he was in business with one of the victims and they fought but he didn’t kill him. He lost the cufflink and talked Linda into getting the cufflink so she did because her father was sick and she needed the money Conley was paying her to get the cufflink. They were never going to talk about it again but then the belt showed up. Mayor Conley says at the time of Jennifer’s murder he was meeting with his Super PAC so he can’t be the accomplice and he couldn’t have murdered Jennifer.
At home, Maddie drops her purse and a bunch of bells fall out. Later at Jack’s school program Tessa asks her mom who Caleb O’Connor is. Tessa says she heard the phone call then checked the numbers. Maddie says it is the man she had an affair with. Cam, Alison and Garrett are there as well. Jack takes the stage and begins his presentation about an explosion that happened in the city a long time ago.
Brady is telling the FBI agent about a guy at the funeral. The FBI agent is not happy Brady is married to a Hawthorne. He tells Brady to go home and get this case out of his head. His temporary leave begins now.
Cam tells Sophie she did great helping Jack. Then he tells her he won’t fight her being a part of Jack’s life. Garrett tells Jack to never stop being him. Jack says he can’t, that’s who he is. Cam’s nurse April came. April says if they keep it platonic they will be fine. Sophie sees this and is upset. Alison asks Tessa how she is doing with the pregnancy. Tessa says it is OK. Brady comes in late and Tessa says he missed a wild presentation. Brady announces his temporary leave and that he won’t be missing family events anymore.
The next day Cam and Jack are walking and they are having fun talking. Jack wants gummies. They cost $40 bucks. Since when do gummies cost $40? Cam is suspicious and opens the box of candy and finds drugs in them. Cam goes over to Sophie’s and shows her the box of gummies. He is not happy. Sophie says Jack never knew. Cam says you used our son to buy drugs. You gave him money and let him buy your drugs for you. You have no defense. Cam says this gives me ammunition and gives him full custody. She begs him. Cam says I’m going to tell you what to do so listen closely. Cam says make a new life for yourself and make peace with the fact that Jack won’t be a part of her life anymore. She screams and pitches a fit. She brought it on herself.
Alison and Tessa are talking and Tessa says maybe the man mom had an affair with was Dad’s accomplice. They meet with him. They ask how he knows her. He says they were high school sweethearts. They say it went past high school didn’t it. He admits that it did go past high school. He says he still has the scars from when their dad beat him up. He says he didn’t make it into the house that day. They thought maybe he was the one who was dragged down the stairs but he wasn’t.
Garrett goes to a supply store to buy a corn grinder. Hmmm…Why?
Alison and Tessa are talking to Cam telling them something is going on. Maddie lied about the affair. The girls and Cam enter Maddie’s room and tell her she has been lying to them.
Garrett is out in a corn field digging something up. Do we want to know what it is? It looks like a skeleton. Is it his friend from the woods, Al? Garrett has his handy corn grinder at the grave site.
Garrett takes part of the skeleton out of the grave. Brady is there and points a gun at Garrett and tells him not to move. Garrett just turns and looks at him and that is the end of the episode. What?! I have to wait a week to see what happens?
Whose body do you think that is? Who do you think is the accomplice?