Mr.Robot: (S02E08) "succ3ss0r.p12"

Review: This is the first time that Elliot didn’t once show up in an episode, but it didn’t bother me at all. Sure, he is the main character. However, it feels like Sam Esmail knows what he is doing and he can make a story without him, too.
You’d think that we wouldn’t feel as paranoid and/or confused without Elliot and his very messy thoughts, but guess what? That’s not the case at all. The episode opens up with Darlene, Mobley, Trenton and Cisco. They manage to easily hack into an FBI conference call. The Fsociety then released that same call where the FBI are talking about surveilling USA citizens. Which, by the way … Doesn’t seem all that crazy and is probably, definitely happening in the real world.
Everything goes badly when Susan Jacobs comes back to her home, the one that Fsociety took as their own. They decide to tie her up, then they hack into her messages, hoping they can find something to blackmail her. When that fails, Darlene ends up killing her. By mistake or on purpose? If you ask me, it wasn’t a mistake.
See, the job of a hacker can be pretty hard. And also, while they implanted paranoia into the minds of the USA citizens, Mobley doesn’t feel much better either. He started feeling paranoid just as much. Is anybody positive in this show anymore? Do all of them expect bad things? Oh, man … OK, at the end he wasn’t wrong, because the cop Dominique wanted to question him about Romero. She is definitely getting close, but then again it seems like she doesn’t even know it. And who killed Romero? I’d love to hear theories of other watchers, because I definitely don’t have any.
It’s funny how little “purpose” the Dark Army has in this season, yet they’re always somehow present. They popped up three last minutes of the episode. Darlene spent a night at Cisco’s place and she found out he told them about that. Why are they monitoring Darlene?
And, can I say just one thing? Before this season even started, every member of the cast was saying how “Angela is going to be a totally different person” … Yeah, she is, don’t get me wrong. But what happened with Darlene? At the end, she took a bat and smashed it into Cisco. Is this the second murder of the episode or is he going to live? You never know with Mr. Robot. I do know Darlene might need therapy, on the other hand.
This was a good and interesting episode, but I can’t say I didn’t wish we’d get more answers about Elliot and why is he in a prison. It seems like this is Esmail’s style … He opens up a topic and then doesn’t give us any answers, we just have to wait.