Mechanic Resurrection (2016)

In most sequels the production tries making the movie much better than the first film, however I feel like this sequel missed a step and made it equal to the first film where it wasn’t better but it was as good as the first film. The movie I’m reviewing today is Mechanic Resurrection.
In the film: We are met with once again Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) who is a master assassin who faked his death to be known as retired from the killing. When he is in Rio De Janeiro he is confronted by messengers from a man known as Crain (Sam Hazledine) whose a crime lord that thinks he controls most of the worlds criminal activity and wants Bishop to kill the competition. Bishop of course denies the offer of killing the 3 men; once Bishop fights and kills some of the messengers he flees to Thailand where he is met with Mei (Michelle Yeoh) who knows what Bishop is wanting his cabin back. So Mei reopens Bishops cabin so that he can stay on the down low. All of that changes when he meets a woman in trouble, she is being beaten up by her “boyfriend” and Bishop chooses to kill the man. Bishop then finds out that the pretty woman Gina (Jessica Alba) is working for Crain but only because she is forced to because of her organization that she volunteers for is being threaten. So Bishop chooses to go on the hunt for Crain so he can finally kill the man.
When Gina is kidnapped by Crains men, Bishop then chooses to get creative in trying to do the kills for Crain. Crains first kill is held in a Malaysia top secured prison. When Bishop is told about the shark infested waters and it being on an island and the target Krill (Femi Elufowoju Jr.) is also being protected by bodyguards. So Bishop gets sent to the Malaysia prison and starts learning about Krill’s wearabouts during times of the prison. So Bishop learns Krill’s ex-assassin is plotting to kill him when the time is right, Bishop watches the moves of the ex-assassin and then kills him to gain respect towards Krill. When Krill sees Bishop kill his ex-assassin he is intrigued and invites him to dinner. Bishop refuses but Krill still wants to meet so they meet privately; Bishop then kills Krill but makes it look like an accident so that nothing is assumed of murder. When Bishop makes his escape he quickly puts on the shark repellent and jumps through the hole he made by an explosion.
The second kill which has to be done within 32 hours, is in a newly built business building in Australia. Bishop then gets the lay out of what he could possibly use to kill the business man. Bishop then sees the pool that leads straight down to the street but the pool is what seems 200 feet up in the air. So Bishop gets a tour of the city through a helicopter tour guide. Bishop then gets to work by experimenting with certain chemicals that help chatters glass within seconds. When Bishop then gets prepared to make the kill the man then chooses to go for a swim but gets towards Bishops spot a bit too fast, Bishop then works faster to make the glass shatter within seconds the business man then falls 200 feet onto the pavement splattering himself all over the pavement.
Bishop then has an idea to go after Gina and rescue her and not do the 3rd kill but Crain like always is one step ahead of Bishop and forces him to do that 3rd kill. Bishop is then ordered to kill a criminal gun sells man by the name of Max Adams (Tommy Lee Jones). When Bishop gets into Max’s compound, he fights his way through to try to get to Max’s room before he does. So the bodyguards lose track of Bishop only for Max to find him in his room which is locked like a vault. Bishop makes a deal with Max Adams for him to live if he takes out Crain but the “accident” still has to happen though just with no body to be found. So the explosion happens and Crain gets confirmation but goes against the deal with Bishop and chooses to want to kill him instead.
Bishop then goes after Crain, saving Gina’s life by sending her off the ship on a life boat. Bishop then attacks Crain and the two have a fight; Bishop then wraps Crain with the anchor and the chain. As the timer gets lower for the ship to explode, Bishop then makes a daring plan to survive. With everyone seeing the explosion and faking his death once again; Bishop then goes to Gina to live with her in Cambodia safe to look after the children of her organization.
Honestly this sequel it was good, but I feel like what this director chose to do was try the same tactic with how the first film was made and filmed. Which the first film was amazing, this one it lacked a certain element to give it that pop and holy shit feeling that you got with the first Mechanic film. But overall it was really good, the acting was good and the story for the most part was good. Note: If you have not seen the first Mechanic film I would recommend you seeing that one first before seeing the sequel!
I rate this film: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars
Mechanic Resurrection is now out in theaters