Killjoys (S02E09) "Johnny Be Good"

It Happened Last Night
This episode starts pretty fast with piles of dead bodies, Dutch as a prisoner with an angry mob in Westerly that no longer has a wall. Wait… What? Dutch’s jailor gives her some water though touching it gives her a nasty shock. Still she manages to drink it. Scar Back priests keep the angry mob out of the Royale. What Harren (I think that’s his name) wants to know is: Where is Liam Jelco? Dutch helped Jelco escape (what???) and if she lies the leeches that Harren put in her water will bleed her. In the desert we find D’avin storming into the wastelands with a handcuff Jelco giving him the usual threats (you tick me off I shoot you). Pree is more than peeved at the way Dutch is being treated. I like bad ass Pree. Dutch tells Pree to stand down though he would still save Dutch going down in a blaze of glory. Not many bartenders would go that extra mile. Harren threatens that if Dutch doesn’t tell him where Jelco is he’ll hang her. NOW we go to a flash back. Dutch and D’avin get into Oldtown finding a few people dead from the rations and everyone practically high. At least Dutch finds Johnny and Pawter in time. Johnny and Pawter wake up on their ship, sober, where D’avin and Dutch tells them about the mood altering wall. Dutch decides they all need to work together and kill Jelco and tear down the wall. D’avin assures Johnny that Dutch will forgive him but that they need to talk eventually. Dutch and Pawter deal out their own dirty laundry. Dutch doesn’t think Pawter is up for a mission like this and Dutch isn’t happy that Dr. Crazy Pants put her best friend in harm’s way. Johnny and D’avin go in to take out Springhill’s power generator while Dutch and Pawter go search for Jelco. But the girls find Springhill empty. Johnny and D’avin find the computer, Julian who’s just as much of a jerk as Jelco. Johnny is not loved by all computers apparently. Pawter is reluctant to take lives (foreshadowing) which frustrates Dutch then Pawters says that Johnny told her that he’s no longer happy sitting on the neutral side of being a Killjoy anymore which shocks Dutch. They make it into Jelco’s office but he’s not there. Pawter unwittingly activates some security measure revealing a jerk Jelco hologram who calls in the troops.
Tear Down This Wall
Johnny says Jelco’s hologram signal came from inside Springhill so Dutch and D’avin go off to find the rat. Johnny uses Lucy to hack into Julian giving Pawter control of Jelco’s office. She brings the happy mood of the wall down to zero. Pawter sends out an announcement warning that they shouldn’t eat any of the rations because they’re poisoned. Lucy discovers that Jelco doesn’t have the authority to tear down the wall but needs a Qreshi master code. For some reason Pawter decides to call on an old rival. Yep you guessed it: Delle Seyah Kendry. Pawter tries from bribery to pleading for humanity though Delle Seyah isn’t moved. She says this plan has been in motion before they were born. Delle Seyah plans to say that it was some plague that ripped through Oldtown if word got out. Delle Seyah tells Pawter to just let it go but our Crazy Doctor is not one to quit. Dutch makes it to the basement only to find the green plasma. We’ve seen this movie… Pawter decides to make a sacrifice by upping the angry levels of the mood wall, causing some Oldtown citizens to hurl themselves at the wall, dying in the process, while the whole Quad watched to show them the evil of the Company. This overloads the wall bringing it down, unleashing the mob. Dutch catches Jelco who (of course) pleads for his life. Dutch puts together that the Company wants a whole moon of Sixes. Johnny finds a distraught Pawter and is more than disappointed in Pawter. Jelco knows where more plasma is hidden and that Westerly is just the beginning. Dutch begrudgingly agrees to keep Jelco alive (to D’avin’s disappointment). Dutch decides to throw herself to the mob which leads us to where we began in the episode. Harren allows Johnny to get Dutch to talk. Johnny manages to get some alone time with Dutch. D’avin goes to the roaming hill traders for help.
There Will Be Blood
Dutch tells Johnny she loves him (not in a romantic way mind you) and his big heart scares her. But she also defends Pawter’s actions (she must have lost a lot of blood to be getting sentimental). Dutch is afraid of a monster inside her but Johnny is the only one who stops it from coming out. Dutch finally tells Harren what’s happening. D’avin launches a rocket that blows up Springhill. Dutch also tells Harren about the Sixes and plasma though at first he doesn’t believe it but then he sees that Dutch isn’t bleeding. So it must be true! However, Harren says Dutch is going to hang. Johnny refuses to leave Dutch to the mob then Delle Seyah shows up saying she wants to negotiate for Oldtown’s independence. Huh? Pawter, Seyah, and Harren sit down in a talk. Apparently Pawter’s moon wide call whipped the other towns in a frenzy and Seyah is doing damage control. Feels like Harren is the third wheel in this negotiation between these two Qreshi divas. D’avin has Jelco tucked away on Lucy for safe keeping. Pawter explains her actions to Johnny who understands now and finds out that the cost of Oldtown’s freedom was not just a piece of Pawter’s soul but also her title and place on the board. Johnny says Pawter should fight this but she’s done with playing politics, she doesn’t have the stomach. Johnny even offers Pawter a place on the ship. Awwww. Harren, Delle Seyah, and Pawter sign an accord in their own blood. Then after the accord is signed Delle Seyah stabs Pawter in the gut then orders the Scar Back priests to kill everyone in the bar. At least this time Delle Seyah stabbed someone in the front instead of the back. Pawter dies along with everyone else in the bar but Dutch and D’avin manage to get out with Johnny. Delle Seyah made two accords. Harren asks why and Delle Seyah says: We all want to live forever; as she uses Pawter’s blood to make a mark on her new accord. Delle Seyah makes a eulogy for Pawter and shows them her new accord that is a Qreshi peace promising no more walls between them. Yay? Once Dutch and D’avin get Johnny to the ship they see a familiar face. Fancy Lee killed Jelco and says they need to go to Khlyen to help save the Quad.
I give this episode an A+! It hit all the right points (though I seriously wish I could find ANY of the songs on this show anywhere!). At the same time it’s sad that we lose Pawter. However, I figured that Delle Seyah would double cross our Killjoys (because she’s Delle Seyah duh) and that Pawter would fall. Mostly because that rule that heroes aren’t allowed to be happy. One less badass female is always a sad day. But at least we still have Our Lady of Perpetual Ass Kicking. Hopefully the show gets renewed for a season 3 because this plasma conspiracy only feels like it’s just getting started.