Ballers: (S02E07) "Everybody Knows"

As the series is coming to an end the ratings are spiking with it being the most half-hour viewed show on HBO. The reason being the way they have calibrated various stories into an episode giving us the right amounts of doses of twists enough to leave us hungry for more the next week.
Andre gets into the way of the partnership between Spencer & Joe as the two got into a mini fight. The reason why your parents may say to always think positive and never let think a wrong thought come on mind. Suspicion is the first step to ruining a relationship and that was almost going to happen or maybe it did (next episode) as Joe got a PI dig into Spencer’s past.
Joe managed to uncover Spencer using an alias for pills and confronted him. Spencer however rejected the idea of being an addict however came clean on loosing $6m in one go which costs him later at a dinner as the NFL didn’t give him the license to start his business officially. In other words he got fired.
The person who really enjoyed was Denis who got a gift not our usual ones but a custom made car which he took for a spin in full speed that even the cops were lazy to follow him. In their defence they were most likely on a very high level on candy crush and on a verge of winning. 
Travis did a u-turn as he too came clean to Spencer revealing he is dyslexic. Which is why he went back to the interview and nailed it by laying his plans out by words. 
Keeping the best for last, Charles was plotting to keep Ricky in Miami. Structuring the fees around and getting him $9m a year to which Ricky accepted but Ricky got a call later with a way better offer.
The next episode should be intense as Andre still has his bid on Spencer’s division to which Anderson hasn’t said a no yet. Joe has his beef with Spencer even though they reconciled prior to meeting Anderson. But the most interesting story should be seeing Charles manipulating his way to being a football giant in the managerial room.