American Gothic: (S01E11) "Freedom From Fear"

This episode starts right where the last one left off. Garrett is taking a skeleton out of an unmarked grave and Brady is watching. Garrett takes the skeleton apart and is ready to feed it piece by piece to the corn grinder. Brady approaches with his gun up saying don’t move. Garrett just looks at him. Brady asks whose body it is. Brady tells Garrett to put his hands up and that he is under arrest. Garrett refuses and picks up his shovel and says he is not going back to prison Brady tells him he is out of options. Garrett says that’s not the way I see it. Brady says he doesn’t want to tell his pregnant wife he had to kill her brother. Brady drops the bullets out of the gun and tells Garrett to just talk to him.
Then the other three children, Tessa, Alison, & Cam confront Maddie and want the truth. Maddie shows the children the bells in her purse and Maddie asks Tessa if she locked the door. Maddie says she has to tell the all the truth. She looks at Tessa and tells her it all started with her. They go back in time to the Christmas season when the children were still kids. Tessa has a fever. Alison is going over campaign plans with Tom. Mitch comes in asking if she sent over some accounting files. They ask where Cam is. He is actually out buying drugs. Maddie gives Tessa some medicine and she goes to sleep. Maddie asks Mitch if they got the payroll files back. Maddie asks if he saw them. I don’t know who “he” is. Maddie tells Mitch to call a lawyer and see if the lawyer can figure a way out of this. Mitch is on the phone with the attorney. Meanwhile there are two men in a car outside the house. One of them comes into the house and disarms the alarm. How does he know the code? Mitch is in his office. The man walks up the stairs. Tessa sees this man and pushes him down the stairs. Tessa screams. Mitch and Maddie come out and see what happened. In the present Tessa says she doesn’t remember that and asks if the man lived. Maddie says it gets more complicated than that. Mitch checks the man and he is dead. The man had a bag with him full of silver bells. Maddie says the man you pushed down the stairs was the silver bells killer.
Brady says to Garrett, that’s the story, Tessa pushed the silver bells killer down the stairs. Garrett says that’s part of it.
Back to that night all those years ago. Tom and Alison are in bed talking. Tessa calls them and is upset and wants Garrett to come home. Garrett comes home and they show him who the killer was and the bells. Brady asked if they called the police. Garrett says no. Flashback to that fateful night. Maddie and Mitch say they don’t want to involve the police. Tessa is so fragile. Mitch and Maddie say no one needs to know. They just need to dispose of the body. Maddie says Tessa has a fever. Maddie tells Garrett to tell Tessa she had a bad dream. Garrett tells Brady that he told Tessa it was just one of her nightmares and that it wasn’t true and that she would feel better in the morning. Tessa says she remembers Garrett comforting her after nightmares. Cam says the man he saw being dragged down the stairs that night was the real SBK. Maddie says yes. Cam’s friend drives him up to the house. Cam sees the lights on and knows he might get in trouble. Instead, he sneaks into the house and his room. Cam hears noises and goes out into the hallway to investigate. He sees someone dragging a body down the stairs but his vision is blurry from the drugs. It is Garrett dragging the body. Garrett tells Brady he told himself he was being a good big brother protecting Tessa. Garrett says he came out here alone to bury the body. They show Garrett digging the grave in the middle of the night in the rain all those years ago. Garrett turns around and the body isn’t there. He tells Brady this.            
The man comes up behind Garrett and attacks him then runs away. Garrett runs after him. Garrett is wounded. They fight some more. Garrett stabs the man repeatedly. Garrett is holding the ivory knife in his hand which is the one that they have been talking about in previous episodes. Garrett tells Brady that he kept the knife as a reminder of that night and of what he had to do or he would be dead. Brady asks who else knew what happened. Flashback to that night. Maddie asks Garrett if he killed him. Garrett says he tried to kill me. I had to fight back. Maddie hugs him and says she is here and tell me what happened.
Back to today. Tessa and Alison say this doesn’t make sense. They show Mitch talking to someone about taking the money from the company. It must be the accountant. He says he is not giving back the files. The accountant tells Mitch he needs to leave. Mitch opens his briefcase and it has a belt, gloves, and a gun.
Garrett is with someone who must be his girlfriend and they are watching TV. A news report shows that David Morales, Mitch’s accountant, is dead. Garrett is watching the news saying this isn’t possible. Garrett tells Brady it wasn’t about protecting Tessa at all. It was about protecting Mitch and in the process his family made him a killer.
Cam says dad wasn’t the Silver Bells killer. He was a copycat. The three children said their dad was innocent. Maddie says no he was a monster. He was a killer. The children say they should have turned in Mitch. Maddie says she couldn’t do that to them. Garrett would have gone to prison. Alison wouldn’t be running for mayor now.
Maddie finds Cam’s drugs back on that night and flushes them down the toilet and says they are addicting.
Garrett is telling Brady he was talking to his father over his accountant’s dead body. He had to live with the knowledge that his father took a belt and strangled his accountant. Garrett tries to tell his mom they need to call the police but Maddie doesn’t want to. Garrett says he is going to the police himself. Maddie says no you aren’t. You killed someone too. If your father goes to prison so will you. Garrett says it was self-defense. Maddie says you took a body to Maine to bury it but ending up killing him making the way for a copycat killer. Garrett says he couldn’t stand to look at Maddie or Mitch anymore so one night he left.
Mitch and Maddie are talking in bed one night. Mitch is afraid Garrett will never come back. Maddie says he will come back when he is ready. Maddie says they will pretend this never happened and that is how they can go on.
Cam says this is all the crazy he can take for today. The daughters ask Maddie whether she could have put the bells in her purse herself. They say she has been lying to them for years. Cam looks over and notices a doll house with dolls inside and they are all dead. One of the girls says it’s us.
Alison asks who could have done this, meaning the dollhouse because they have all been right there. Cam wants to call the police. Tessa says they can’t because of Garrett.
Brady asks Garrett why he took the chance on coming up here and digging up the body. Garrett says he wanted to get rid of the body and start a new life. Christine is pregnant. Brady says he has his word that he will do everything he can to keep Garrett out of jail to find the accomplice. Brady says he needs Garrett. Garrett asks why. Brady says because he saw the face of the killer.
Back to the night when the body is on the stairs. Maddie says to Mitch, what happens when David Morales talks. Mitch says they will be bankrupt and he will go to prison. Maddie says maybe David Morales can become the next victim of the Silver Bells Killer. Mitch tells Maddie she can’t be serious. She says it is awful but they are in a horrible situation. Maddie says they have all the tools to make it look like the silver bells killer did it and Mitch has studied the case. Maddie says they are in this mess with Morales because Mitch cheated and put all of them in jeopardy. Maddie hugs Mitch and begs him to do this because they need him. Garrett comes in and sees the body on the stairs. He asks who it is. Maddie says he broke in and scared Tessa and she pushed him down the stairs. Maddie tells Garrett it is the Silver Bells Killer. Garrett asks if they have called the police. They say no. If they do, they are defined by this forever.
Mitch is trying to convince Mr. Morales to change his mind. He is trying to bribe him. Maddie is with Mitch. That is when Mitch opens the briefcase and we see the killer’s tools and we see Mitch strangling Mr. Morales with the belt but Mr. Morales breaks free. Maddie finishes the job. Mr. Morales is dead. Maddie and Mitch clean up the place. They leave a bell on the table by Mr. Morales’s body.
Maddie tells the family we are all victims of Mitch’s decisions. Alison says they all need to stick together as a family until they figure out who is out there hunting them. That is the end of the episode.
Are you surprised to learn that the body Garrett digs up is the silver bells killer? Are you surprised that Maddie helped kill David Morales? Next week is the two hour season finale.