Mr. Robot: (S02E09) "init_5.fve"

Review: WHAT IS GOING ON?! That’s the entire summary of the episode, thank you for reading this review.
I am just joking. Let’s start at the beginning. Elliot just got out of prison, he was there for 18 months and it had nothing to do with Tyrell, which made sense, because we haven’t seen Tyrell’s body, so of course he couldn’t go to jail for murder. He instead went to jail for hacking, which made almost less sense, just because he is very careful and could have pleated not guilty. But … Because Elliot doesn’t play by anybody’s rules … It is what it is.
Well, we knew that the Dark Army is/was protecting Elliot, they found protection for him inside the jail and apparently had something to do with his early release. We’ll get back to this later.
Things are coming together and yet they are not. Do you know what I mean? Angela has been working for E.corp, because she wanted some evidence, files, something about a certain topic. We knew that, more or less. What is it about, that we don’t know. What we do know is the fact that the Dark Army have some project going on and they are apparently working with Phillip from E.corp. That means it can get messy. And Philip and the man were talking about how “she did what they wanted”, are they talking about Angela?
Has anybody found the connection between the China’s president and the Whiterose? It has to be the same person. There’s no other way. Or is there? I don’t know.
Bd Wong is credited as “Whiterose” and he is a man. I don’t know what am I supposed to do with this information.
CONTINUE HERE … Darlene hacks into one of the people connected to the Dark Army, because Elliot wanted to know more about “stage 2” … Turns out it’s his plan. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I am sorry for freaking out, but Esmail always drops these information bombs on us, but they don’t really help, because nothing (still) makes sense. And at the end … Tyrell’s wife is waiting for Elliot in the car. That wasn’t as confusing, because she was obviously protecting Elliot … But … I don’t know. Seems like we’re getting a lot of information soon.
Who even is Elliot, could he have multiple personalities? Who is the Whiterose? How is Tyrell’s wife connected to Elliot? What informations does Angela have?
What’s mutual to all of these questions is that I don’t have any answers …
All in all, awesome episode!! Let’s tune in next time.