Killjoys (S02E10) "How to Kill Friends and Influence People"

Stories We Tell Our Children
Last episode we had to say goodbye to our favorite doctor Pawter. Unfortunately our team doesn’t have time to mourn properly. We start with a “once upon a time” opener. Flashback to Khlyen telling young Dutch a fairytale about how he unearthed the plasma and tried to use it as a fertilizer. But it made people crazy. Turns out the plasma is alive. Cut in on grown up Dutch running through snow or wait… It’s Aneela running with a green plasma tear running down her cheek. Creepy. Skip ahead we find Johnny revived and on Lucy. Johnny wants to go back for Pawter but they have bigger fish to fry. Johnny sits and mourns watching Delle Seyah’s speech (looking like he’s gonna murder her through the screen). Johnny unloads his grief on Dutch and she tells him that she always has his back. She feeds him the same line he fed her when they first met: We don’t have to stay here. We can go anywhere and never come back. Aww. But Johnny wants to continue fighting. He’ll grieve when they win. D’avin suddenly has Six Fancy in a chokehold trying to make his head explode. Black Root suddenly appears (catching even Lucy by surprise). And so does Khlyen with a new weapon. Poisoned darts that turn Sixes’ insides into black goo. Khlyen proposes that they all do one glorious suicide mission together in order to save the Quad. Of course they’re in! While Johnny and the others do clean up, Dutch and Khlyen talk. Apparently Khlyen has no idea why Dutch looks exactly like his daughter which is kind of disappointing. Khlyen wants Dutch to kill his daughter because she’s insane. Also fun fact, children can’t become Sixes because they can’t survive the transition because they’re brains aren’t fully developed. I’m sure that’ll become important in season 3. Khlyen reveals his people’s plans for the Quad. If they destroy the plasma in this Quad then Aneela and Khlyen’s people will have no reason to come there. Dutch thinks they should go to Arkyn but it’s crawling with Sixes so they have to find the source of the plasma. The Scar Backs from way back when stole the tree that was growing in the plasma so now they need to find that tree.
Tree of Good But Mostly Evil
Let’s go to Leith! Alvis shows Dutch some ancient book where they find a secret code in the pages that maps the stars where the tree is hidden. They locate where the tree is hiding on a high security bank ship called Archive. The elite use it. Dutch decides to take over this mission Killjoys style. Since they cater to the elite, Dutch decides to put on her royal pants this time. In Oldtown Delle Seyah gets a message from Khlyen to double cross the Killjoys. The team makes it to Archive. Dutch and Khlyen go with the head of this bank while D’avin and Fancy hang back. D’avin and Fancy beat up the Archive guards then scan the floor plans of the ship. They scan the ship finding Aneela’s vault. Khlyen and Dutch try to leave but the banker senses something wrong and calls them out. The guards come in and Dutch and Khlyen team up to take all of them down like graceful dancers. Awesome! D’avin and Fancy come under fire but D’avin uses Fancy as a human shield (how long has D’avin waited to do that?). Meanwhile Johnny and Lucy take on some Black Root fighter pilots. He pulls some amazing flying tricks, Han Solo level! Dutch and Khlyen find Aneela’s vault and the tree but they accidentally trigger a security measure that opens some doors to… to sun? They’re vault is orbiting a sun! Khlyen over heats the controls (with a crystal) which closes the doors saving them. Dutch pours in the toxin but it has no effect. Johnny manages to escape the fighters in time to tell Dutch that they need tainted human bonded plasma to infect the plasma tree. Khlyen decides to sacrifice himself, forcibly taking the toxin then infecting himself. Khlyen tells Dutch Aneela’s plans to conquer the Quad and create a whole army of slave Sixes. Khlyen tells Dutch the reason he changed and deviated from his daughter’s plans was because he met Dutch as a child, looking like the innocent Aneela once was. Khlyen trained Dutch to survive the transition so he could keep her with him but then he found D’avin able to resist the plasma giving him a third option. Dutch holds Khlyen as he dies, bleeding his toxic blood into the tree. As he dies, Khlyen tells Dutch he’s sorry and that he did what he did to protect and prepare her. Dutch isn’t ready to let Khlyen go though.
Gone Boy
They destroy the plasma in the Quad, including the Sixes infected (Don’t worry they live, Fancy can just bleed now). D’avin comes to get Dutch but Khlyen is dead. Dutch has a dream of Evil Aneela, a premonition? Dutch somehow has a weird connection to her like a twin thing. Johnny comes in to check on Dutch and he comforts her in her grieving for Khlyen, a man who was her surrogate father as well as an enemy. Johnny tells Dutch it’s okay for her to mourn Khlyen and love him. Johnny, D’avin, and Dutch go to the Royale to celebrate their victory. But Johnny can’t stop thinking about how he lost Pawter. He drinks in her memory with Pree and talk about whether or not he would leave the Quad if given the chance since things may get bad. Pree says he’s going to wait for the future and decide then. But then Johnny surprises Delle Seyah. Turns out he was the one masquerading as Khlyen sending her the message. Johnny shoots Delle Seyah in revenge for Pawter then leaves her to bleed out in the alley way while Delle Seyah’s speech of hope plays about everyone missing Pawter and bridging the class gap. Poetic. He says he’s no hero, just a boy who loved Pawter. Johnny packs a bag and tries to run away but Lucy won’t let him leave without at least saying good bye. Johnny doesn’t want Dutch and D’avin to deal with the stuff that’s going to happen after he murdered a Qreshi Royal. But Lucy doesn’t let Johnny leave alone. Clara is back with her gun arm. Lucy called her because she knew Clara would keep an eye on him. They leave on Khlyen’s Black Root ship and go off to who knows where. Pree, D’avin, Dutch, and regular Fancy discussing the future. Dutch wants to fight Aneela. We see a scene with Aneela drinking fine wine while her armada is heading towards the Quad (I assume that’s the direction she’s going in). Dutch wants to win this war. So it’s on! Evil Dutch vs Good Dutch!
I give this episode a solid A. Thankfully there’s a season 3 coming next year or else that cliff hanger would have left me on hinges. The dialogue was great: funny with incredible quips, poignant, and emotional. Dutch and Johnny have an amazing friendship. Sad to see Rob Stewart go because he was so great on the show but Stephanie Leonidas will be a fine addition to the cast. Some great story lines to explore next season. We don’t know if Delle Seyah is actually dead though it seems she is. I just have a hard time believing that woman could die in a dirty alley way and not in some explosion (that I have fantasized about). But Hannah John-Kamen is going to have to play two parts next season which will be exhausting but I think she can pull it off. Until next year!