Suits: (S06E08) "Borrowed Time"

The main plots continue to get new layers as the season progresses and this episode was no difference. Since Cahill had to pull Mike out of the deal, Jessica and Harvey get into an argument. His mind has been clouded by his guilt but she, as the managing partner, sees the whole picture and orders him to win this case, if not for anything else, he has to for the firm. The situation is a perfect example on how the status of Harvey has changed this season. From choosing his own clients and cases he has now come to dealing with whatever life throws his way to keep their heads above water and it has been a new experience to watch him accept it little by little.
On the other hand, we see Mike continues to struggle with his place in the whole deal up until the  end of the episode, where every part of the story ties together to help them put Sutter, who has been the bad guy all along to jail and keep his daughter Jill free with the help of Donna. Both of which result in Mike being informed that his deal is back on the table.
Along with the firm’s problems, the new mentor / young lawyer duo Jessica and Rachel continue to explore the Innocence project case, a new area the show hasn’t dealt with before. They come up with a good idea to post pone his execution date and we see Rachel in a new light as she speaks to his aunt and gets her to sign a paper that would get them more time to fight for her nephew.
The fact that Mr. Bailey accused Jessica of being heartless and empathetic because of the way she handles his case, by distancing herself and instead focusing on the factual rather than emotional ends up serving as a well needed push in this episode, when she calls Jeff and meets him for dinner.
Every once in a while they show us a glimpse of her personal life and as always, we end up wanting more. It looks like for now we aren’t saying goodbye to that just yet. Jeff suggest taking things slow as they both vocalize their feelings for each other but later on his suggestion gets an explanation as he is considering taking a job in Chicago.
We see Jessica accept his decision as it would be expected for her- taking the high road and wishing him luck although the situation didn’t really get a big closure for now. Jeff tells her he knows she wouldn’t move or change her priorities for him and doesn’t blame her. The way the scene ends makes me wonder if she, on the other hand, maybe blames herself?
The other romantic storyline that served as the lighter part of the season is starting to get more complicated as Louis jumps into an open relationship with Tara all the while knowing it could end really badly for him. He is developing strong feelings for her but she surprises him with the bad news of her boyfriend coming back to the city. Donna’s storyline sadly continues to serve him with some well needed love advice as she, ironically, tells him he should fight for Tara otherwise he will never know if she is the one. With that we continue to learn extra information about her previous relationship with Mitchell and I wonder if that information will get more importance for her love life, not just Louis’ in the future.
We are getting closer and closer to the midseason finale and the tone they set towards the ending of this episode promises some lighter moments or at least wants us to think that. There is a lot to be yet resolved and I am excited to see how they deal with both- personal and firm’s problems in the 2 episodes left.
Will Mike really be set free?