Dark Matters (S02E10) "Take The Shot"

Talk about watching a show that I haven’t even seen and yet I’m interested after just this one episode. This week’s episode deals with Android having dreams that causes the ship to malfunction and endangers the crew.
We come up in a scene where Android is awaken from bed in a very nice place. She looks around and soon finds Victor coming in and well pleasant starts to take over. Android is awaken from her recharging cycle and tells One about it and soon after tells the crew that there might be some malfunctions and has her twin like Android explain about it.
As Android goes back to her recharge cycle or back to sleep to her dream. One and Five deals with doing everything on the ship manually because Five screwed up. But soon things become strange to the crew.
As Four sharpens his sword, he sees someone passing through his door. He looks around and sees no other than Misaki and soon they start fighting. Without any explanation, she just starts attacking and soon runs into another room. They keep fighting until Four is stabbed in the abdomen. But what he thought was a stabbing turns out to be nothing but hallucination.
One and Five notices that a leak has occurred (from Four’s fight with Misaki) and One checks it out. As she checks on it, she communicates with Five but she can’t hear her and soon gets captured from a group of people that are very upset with her. Five gets Six and Nxy out there to check on her and finds her standing just dazed and fights with Six.
One was hallucinating like Four and that didn’t stop there. Three was cleaning his guns until the lights flickered (which had happen with Four and One) and turns to see his dead wife. There she tries get him to kill himself until Six saves him.
Everyone meets and gets word from the twin Android that it all begins with Android for whatever virus she has, must be taken out. But Five doesn’t think that’s not what is gonna going and tries very hard to get to the bottom of it. But One takes the twin Android word for it and has Three, Six and Nyx take out Android but stops because it’s Android, do you really think she would be the one causing all of this? I think not and I haven’t been watching for that long.
It’s to that point where Five has found out that the twin Android is actually a virus that’s the reason why everything has gone a bit crazy. But soon the toxic gas was being released and One sends everyone to safety while she goes and unplugs the system. But that left her dealing with twin Android where it got difficult because One had a computer suit on. But speaking of the devil, the real Android wakes up and unplugs the system.
Everything seems to be back to normal. The system on the ship will take a while to get back in order but everyone is happy that things are back and that includes Android. But not for one person, Four, who happens to have seen a medical file on him with a scan of his brain. Something serious that we need to worry? Maybe!
I really did enjoy this episode. Even though it was my first time watching the series. I thought that watching Android’s dream is what she hopes to have in the future, but who knows if it was the virus. It was nice ensemble casting performance no doubt. And it left a very nice cliffhanger with Four and his medical file.
The next episode will be a double feature with two episodes airing this upcoming week so I guess things are really gonna cook up.
You can catch Dark Matters Friday nights at 9/8c on SyFy.