Fear The Walking Dead: (S02E10) "Do Not Disturb"

s2e10ftwd - Fear The Walking Dead: (S02E10) "Do Not Disturb"

Here is a synopsis of tonight’s newest episode, “Do Not Disturb”.
While Travis and Chris wander through the desert of Mexico in search of basic supplies and lodgings, they happenstance upon a trio of menacing survivors. Chris becomes attached to the leader of the rag tag group and attempts to spend the majority of the episode convincing Travis to join the group. Due to his loyalties for his son, he begrudgingly joins until he and Chris find a place of their own. Later on in the episode, we see the trio of miscreants attempting to steal from a lone farmer’s property. While the farmer is confronting everyone present in his barn, Chris shoots the man to win favor with the leader of the group.
ftwds2e10 - Fear The Walking Dead: (S02E10) "Do Not Disturb"
For the other half of the episode we are introduced to a character named Elena who  recently had come to Alicia’s aid when trapped in an elevator shaft. After her rescuing, Elena interrogates Alicia about the location of her nephew Hector. After some convincing of her innocence in his disappearance, the duo set out to find Hector and Maddie. The two encounter a group that Elena (at one point locked in a wedding reception hall to die) had earlier ties to. A stand-off ensues between the two groups which Alicia thwarts. Shortly thereafter Alicia is reunited with her mother & Strand.
My Thoughts:
I found this episode a lot more enjoyable than previous episodes of this season. The overall tone flowed better when not focusing so much on the characters of Nick and Maddie. As far as my favorite portion of the episode I have to say it’s of the zombie wedding. I loved the overall feel of that particular scene, especially when they played the ominous music in the background. Lastly I look very forward to seeing what Travis will do about crazy Chris. I like the direction in which Travis’s character is going but I cannot abide Chris’s behavior, it seems very aloof & misplaced to me.
At any rate, how did this particular episode fare for you? I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions to last night’s episode. Be sure to leave it below in the comments section.
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