XOXO (2016)

The movie was being promoted as the best movie that Netflix could have ever made. Unfortunately it could be among one of the worst ones. 
Throughout this year we have seen how highly anticipated movies that have been advertised drastically have ended up being bitter disappointment. Whether the high expectations are to blame or the movie itself it really doesn’t matter because the only reason I tried this movie was because of Sarah Hyland. 
Her performance was really great, portraying the girl who is always dreaming of the perfect guy like in any Disney movie and wants to have this one special person in her life. Like any other movie which is about teens these days, the predictability of the movie is really high- in other words you don’t need to watch the whole movie to know what happens.
The story is about a new Dj who is on the rise as his song hits a million views on YouTube. An interesting thing is that his songs have his mother’s voice and he isn’t ashamed of her. His mother wanted to be a singer but life happened when she was 18 and she never was able to follow her dream as the DJ was born and he was named Ethan Shaw.
img 6345 - XOXO (2016)
XOXO being a huge musical festival much like the ones you might have been to once in your life. Various artists showcase their talents (music) and the crowd enjoys the whole festival going nuts jumping up and down. 
Ethan has a best friend Tariq who works at a restaurant with his dad. Being a Lebanese and the only son his dad doesn’t want to see him pursue the career as the manager of Ethan specially because he is considered the legacy. 
Whether his father approved or not he is really a great manager as he manages to get Ethan to XOXO as the last minute addition. 
The two part ways as Ethan goes on a party bus to XOXO where he becomes friends with a couple that are on a verge of breaking up because of a long distance relationship. Cutting it short, the bus breaks down and the couple manage to get Ethan a ride on another van and they reach XOXO.
Tariq apparently was supposed to get Ethan his entrance ticket and the backstage pass but he gets kissed by a girl who gets him high. He goes through various phases from feeling like he is at his funeral to him dipping his head in the toilet and thinking now he is a world of music. 
img 6347 - XOXO (2016)
The couple who accompanied him so far Ray & Shannie make it through with him. However Ray gives his ticket away to let Ethan get to his set. The two the head over to buy another ticket but a woman announces that XOXO is at full capacity and all hell breaks. 
Neil a former DJ who was being followed by three dudes that wanted a refund as his bus was the one that broke down ends up going in due to the huge crowd pushing their way in. Ray and Shannie didn’t give up and took the sewers and they had their moment of peace and love and some despair.
The story is trying to show how crazy things may get on a rave. A few have said that XOXO has totally changed the perspective of a rave others have said it has demonstrated it perfectly. But from a critique’s point of perspective this movie exaggerated a bit too much on the fairy tale happy ending. 
With all characters now closer to each other. Krystal (Sarah Hyland) is on her own adventure. Joining the VIP backstage with Avilo’s (hit DJ of the movie) manager Chopper. 
img 6346 - XOXO (2016)
The reality they show is how some girls go full on party sluts to get an entrance. They also show how some go completely for the drugs and others go for the music.
Krystal lurks out of the VIP room to find her boyfriend who kept moving around. He was a jerk after all as he wanted to get too touchy with her. Honestly we all saw that coming plus he was getting real touhy.
img 6344 1 - XOXO (2016)
The custom which Hollywood movie seem to follow occurs again. Ethan starts with a bad time as he can’t go in to set up as Tariq didn’t get him a backstage entrance. Chopper sees him and invites him in and takes him all the way to Avilo. He gets busy trying to impress Avilo and doesn’t set up which costs him his gig as the crowd booed him. 
Angry with his manager he decided to consider the offer he got of joining Avilo and doing a collab. 
Tariq becomes friend with Neil as he saved him from the three buffed up dudes that were still after him for a refund and that act of kidness gets him one in return as a favor o get to Ethan and make sure that he can stop him from accepting he deal. 
Tariq reaches to save his friend & Neil gives Abilo a punch as he was a victim of Abilo’s scam collab. It was all a set up to get Avilo locked in a room as Ethan hijacked his set. Apparently Neil is well connected and he gets in touch with the founder of XOXO. 
It ends with Ethan winning the crowd over, Ray and Shannie having an awesome time and the whole crowd going berzerk. And we can’t have a movie which is all about teens not end with a happy ending as Ethan and Krystal kiss both of their dreams being realised.
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Gone are the times where we had a true plot or a powerful one. If this one had no festival in sight it would be the worst movie ever but the whole hype saved it a bit. 
Wouldn’t recommend watching it. Give it a 5/10.