American Gothic (S01E12 and S01E13) "Madame X" and "Whistler's Mother"

The Hawthornes spent a sleepless night after discovering the dollhouse. Garrett & Brady enter the house. A discussion we don’t hear takes place and then Alison says it’s true that someone is targeting us and everything Mom told us is true. Cam decides that he is taking Jack and leaving to keep him safe. Tessa wants to talk to Garrett before Brady takes him in. Tessa says you did all of this to protect me but you could have gone to the police and I would have been OK. Tessa tells Garrett to run. To get on a plane and leave the country and start a new life. She will give him money. She will convince Christine to let him be a part of her life.
Next we see Garrett washing his face and looking in the mirror. A police car drives up and Brady says that he ordered the cops to watch the house around the clock. Garrett goes with Brady to the police station but tells Tessa no more running before he leaves. Maddie goes to the police station with Garrett. Linda still doesn’t want Brady to work the case. Brady reminds Linda that he still has the tape of her and the mayor. Brady says let me work that case or I will send that tape to internal affairs.
Maddie tells Garrett she is truly sorry. Garrett says for what? Maddie says for protecting Tessa and for making you leave. Garrett says try again. He says she needs to apologize for all of it. Maddie tells him he will understand when he has a family. Garrett says he will have a family soon and Maddie will not be a part of it. He says he will see her when she is dead. Ouch!
An attorney comes up and offers Garrett a magnificent deal where he will get no jail time if he names the accomplice.
Naomi calls Alison at the house. Naomi says she is back in Boston for a wedding and that she sees her campaign ads all over and she wants to wish her luck. Alison says it is rough going without her. Alison has to go as one of the guys installing the security system needs to talk to her. He found something in the wall and needs to show Alison. Alison finds a box in a crawl space. It jingles. Alison says she will take care of it. She opens it and it has a bunch of silver bells. Alison remembers Maddie saying she got rid of it. The doorbell rings and Alison puts the box in a cupboard. She goes to answer the door and it is some Boston police officers. They are there to dust the dollhouse for fingerprints. The police ask if there is any other evidence in the house. Alison says no. Liar!
The police are questioning Garrett and Maddie about the description of the Silver Bells Killer. The sketch artist gets two different people when they show them the two sketches. They ask if there were any other identifiers. Garrett remembers a tattoo.
Cam takes Jack to Sophie’s. Jack is watching a program on jellyfish. Sophie opens some drawers in a cupboard to trap Cam in the bathroom. Sophie bats away the tablet Jack is watching. She asks Jack if he wants to go for a ride. Cam tries to get out of the bathroom and can’t. He does eventually break out but Sophie and Jack are gone by then. Cam notices a knife in his tire so he cannot follow Sophie.
Alison is at home surprised to see Maddie back home and tells her so. Alison also shows her the box of bells. Alison says you said you got rid of these but you kept them in case you needed to stage another silver bells killing. Alison accuses Maddie of killing the reporter Jennifer and Maddie says she had to do it to save Garrett. Alison says that Maddie can justify anything. Alison says she’s been thinking about everything that happened since they found the bells. Alison mentions their gardener Gunther. Maddie says he was dying of cancer and wanted his wife to be financially secure and now she is. Alison says you were alone with dad. What really happened? Maddie says he wanted to tell about the killing and she couldn’t let him. Alison says they are worried about an accomplice but she is looking at a serial killer. Maddie says she had to do it so they could all survive. Alison has a political career. Tessa is embracing motherhood. Garrett is out of prison. Maddie says if anything happens in the future, Maddie is there for her. Alison says let me go.
Alison is out in the car with the box of bells and is on the phone saying she needs to meet with someone. Who could she be talking to?
Maddie is talking to the attorney who helped Garrett asking what to do if someone has evidence against her. The attorney says to make sure she has cash and a passport but that she really can’t advise her. I think she just did.
Tessa is over at Cam’s. She asks if Sophie used her credit cards recently. Tessa calls the credit card company pretending to be Sophie and asks for the last few purchases on the card. Now Alison is at Cam’s with the bells saying she needs to talk to them. They say as soon as they get back. Alison is sitting at Cam’s thinking. She picks up the phone and says to someone, hey, it’s me. How soon can we meet up?
Meanwhile Maddie has gone to Mitch’s gravesite. She unlocks it as he was cremated and she puts a ton of money in there along with her passport. She puts his ashes in her now empty purse. LOL! She throws her wedding ring in the gravesite.
Cam and Tessa are at the last store that Sophie and Jack were at and ask what she bought. She bought two bottles of ranch dressing. That’s an odd purchase. Tessa finds a bottle of the dressing and there is a coupon for the aquarium.
Garrett asks Brady if all the details are released yet. Brady says no not until they find the accomplice. Garrett asks Brady to help him find Christine. Garrett asks if he will write a letter will Brady give it to her.
The medical examiner has the body and says there is no DNA in the bones but she finds that the body had a titanium rod in his leg which was made between 1989 and 1998. Oh and by the way, the accomplice is female. I am not sure how she figured that out. There were no prints on the dollhouse.
Naomi and Alison are meeting at her headquarters. Alison says she needs Naomi’s advice on what to do with some evidence. Naomi asks what it would do to her campaign. She asks why Alison wanted to run for mayor. Naomi starts listing off a bunch of good reasons for Alison to run and be mayor. She asks Alison if all that is still true. Alison says yes. Naomi says then you know the move. Alison takes the box of silver bells and throws them into the lake.
Maddie is working in the garden. Alison tells her she got rid of the bells and she doesn’t want Maddie near her or her children ever again. She says as far as she is concerned, she no longer exists. Ouch. Maddie cries.
Sure enough, Sophie and Jack are at the aquarium. They are having a good time. Sophie tells Jack that she recorded a message for him on his teddy bear. Cam and Tessa run up and ask Jack if he is OK. He says yes. Tessa takes Jack. Cam talks to Sophie and she tells him she won’t even have supervised visitation. She wanted one last memory with him. Cam says well, you got what you wanted. I hope you enjoyed it. He tells her she is a lost cause. Sophie begs Cam not to let Jack forget her. Cam doesn’t answer and walks away. I am afraid for Sophie now.
Garrett is working on his letter to Christine. Brady and Linda are working on people with rods in their legs. There are 1,194 files to go through.
Naomi is still at Alison’s office. She says she wants to see this through. She asks how things are with Tom. Alison thought pushing Naomi away would help fix things but it didn’t. Naomi’s phone rings and she leaves to take the call. Alison is looking at something Naomi left. I think they are plane tickets.
Brady finds a possible match in the records with the titanium leg. Garrett looks at the picture and says that is the silver bells killer. Meaning that is the body he dragged down the stairs and buried.
Cam tells Tessa he couldn’t live without Jack. He tells Tessa she is the one who holds the family together. She kept in touch with Garrett.
Naomi comes in to talk to Alison. Alison is not happy. She says she talked to Naomi’s new boss and she never showed up for her new job. Alison asks why Naomi lied to her. Naomi said you broke my heart. I was in no shape to work on anyone else’s campaign. Alison says she can’t handle anymore lies and asks Naomi to leave so she does.
Brady and Linda are going through the file on the guy who matches. The wife disappears after 2003. There is no death certificate for the man. Linda tracks down a last known address from 2003. They figure out that John Martin is the killer.
Naomi comes back to Alison’s office and Alison says I told you to leave. Naomi says I’m sorry Alison. I can’t do that.
It’s voting day and Maddie casts her vote for Alison.
Maddie is back home and dismisses the police. She has hired a private security firm.
Tessa, Garrett, Cam, & Jack are at Alison’s campaign office. They ask around and realize no one has seen Alison that morning. Uh oh.
The police find an interview with the Silver Bells Killer and he is on tape saying his wife died because they didn’t have enough money for her care. The police say the killings started two years after that deposition. John Martin, the killer started killing people who made donations to the hospital.
Alison missed a speech that morning. Her phone is off but they were able to trace her last coordinates. The police including Brady and Linda break in. Naomi and Alison are meeting with some union workers. Alison acts like this is all perfectly normal. They do a background check on Naomi and she checks out.
Alison comes back and gives a speech. Garrett is there and so is Christine. She says she got his letter and wants to go somewhere to talk. After the speech Alison is talking to Tessa and Tessa tells Alison she still feels nervous.
Meanwhile, someone somewhere is packing a bag with rope and a silver bell.
Maddie and the security guard are back at the house and Sophie is banging on the door. Maddie says they can let her in. Sophie asks if she can have some photos of Jack from Cam’s room. Why would she want those? Doesn’t she have any of her own? I don’t trust her. Maddie says she can go if the security guard goes with her.
Jack talks about needing his mom in his life. Jack talks about how Sophie left a message for him on that bear. Cam says he will go get the bear and be right back.
Christine tells Garrett she wants to know everything. She wants everything out in the open so they can start things out right. Garrett says he can’t leave his family right now with everything that is going on. He asks if Christine can stay but she says no.
Brady and Linda are at the gravesite of the Silver Bells Killer’s wife. They are asking the caretaker about any visitors and he says he hasn’t noticed any.
The doorbell rings at the Hawthorne house and Maddie calls for her security guard but he doesn’t respond so Maddie goes to the door. It is the neighbor with the cat.
Brady is noticing something at the gravesite. He says if you stand there and look up you see the cherry blossoms. He says he knows who the accomplice is. Then they show Sophie and she has a tattoo of cherry blossoms on her neck. Sophie comes down the stairs and Maddie asks if she found everything she wanted. Sophie says she wanted her family but Maddie turned everyone against her. Maddie says she did it herself. Sophie says no but her father had a huge impact on her life. Sophie asks Maddie if she knows who her father was. Sophie says it was an artist and she helped him and the different silver bells killings flash through her mind. Maddie calls for her security guard but Sophie says he’s not coming. Then she stabs Maddie in the neck.
Sophie has tied up Maddie. Sophie tells Maddie she lost her mom when she was ten. She asks if Maddie knows what kind of loss that is. Sophie says they were in a car accident. Mom had two surgeries but the doctors and nurses didn’t take good care of her. Eventually her mom died of septic shock. Sophie says the rich people received better treatment. Sophie says something in her and her dad cracked. So, they started a list of people they wanted to kill. It was an easy list. Her dad’s mission began. They borrowed a car from a family friend. Sophie broke into the mansions. She was good at it. Maddie says your father took you with him when he committed murder. Sophie says she is no one to comment on parenting skills. Her dad would go in first to make sure it was safe and then he would signal Sophie to come in. Sophie helped clean up and set the scene. The bell represented something they could use to call for help but it was just out of their reach, just like help was just out of her reach. She watched her father enter the Hawthorne house and never come out. She waited for the cops to come get her but they never did but the old family friend who let them borrow the car took her in. Sophie didn’t want to kill her but she had to in case she mentioned her name to the cops. Maddie says she can give Sophie $500,000. It is in Mitch’s mausoleum. Cam comes into the house and finds the bear and finds Sophie. He also finds the dead security guard. Sophie handcuffs Cam to the dead security guard. Sophie says she has to finish what her father started. Cam says it’s you. Sophie says Cam was just supposed to be her way into the family but then she fell in love and they had this unique amazing child together so she forgot about revenge until he kicked her out of his son’s life so now she has no choice.
Cam is trying to figure a way out of his handcuffs.
Garrett tells Tessa that Christine has a new job in San Francisco and wants Garrett to come with her. Brady calls Tessa and tells her that the accomplice is Sophie. Tessa asks where Cam is. Brady says he will go check on Cam and her mom but Alison should stay where she is. Alison tells Garrett and he takes off.
Maddie is calling for Cam. Sophie says he can’t help you. Cam is dragging the body of the security guard with him. Maddie says she can talk to the judge and get shared custody for Sophie. Sophie had been setting up the scene to look like a silver bells killing. Sophie doesn’t believe Maddie would do that. Sophie picks up a belt. Cam is still dragging the body through the house. Sophie strangles Maddie. Cam rides the security guards body down the stairs. Hey, you do what you gotta do. Cam takes the security guard’s gun and points it at Sophie. She says you are too late. Maddie is sitting in the chair with her head back.
Cam asks Sophie how could you. Sophie says she was poison. Cam says you are insane. Sophie says she won’t kill anyone else. Cam says Sophie has to be stopped. Garrett comes in and says he lived with someone’s blood on his hands and Cam doesn’t want that. Garrett knocks the gun out of Cam’s hand. Brady, Linda, and other cops enter the house. Sophie runs. Maddie is not moving in the chair.
Naomi tells Alison she just heard that Alison has enough votes to win. Sure enough, a reporter announces Alison’s win. Someone introduces Alison so she can make a speech. Tessa is there on the phone and she looks upset.
Alison arrives at the Hawthorne manor along with Jack and Tessa. A body is carried out in a body bag on a stretcher. At this point I am not sure who it is but it may have been Maddie based on what we learn in the rest of the show.
Brady is with Linda at the police station and Brady says she was in the family for years and he missed it. Linda says you know what she looks like so if she resurfaces, he can find her. So, apparently Sophie escaped. He gives Linda the only copy of the recording of her and the mayor.
Cam says this whole time he was worried that Jack had inherited psychopathic genes. Now it turns out he probably had. Garrett says he will stay with the family. Tessa wants him to go with Christine. Alison says she will fix it since she is the mayor now.
A year later Tessa and Brady have a baby girl. The phone rings and it is Cam. The nurse from Cam’s rehab says it’s been one year. Cam says he doesn’t need to rush into anything then he kisses her.
Alison is at the beach with her daughters, Tessa, Cam, Jack, the nurse, and Naomi. Everyone looks happy. Garrett, Christine, and their baby show up. Jack grabs his teddy bear and takes some steps away. He listens to Sophie’s message which says don’t worry. I’ll see you again soon. Jack asks when.
Alison is giving an interview on the one-year anniversary of the beginning of her term. The reporter asks what is her secret to coming out of the gate so strong. Alison says it’s attention to detail. Then Alison starts remembering some things. Alison had met with Sophie saying she knew Sophie was the accomplice. The reporter says she has had her detractors. Alison says true but she learned how to turn an adversary into an ally. She remembers throwing the box of bells in the lake but she kept one bell. While meeting with Sophie, she gives her the last bell and tells her to take care of Maddie. The reporter asks how she is dealing with her mother’s death after a year. Maddie says you learn to push through and that she thinks her mother would be proud. That is the end of the episode.
What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised by anything? Were you right in your guess on who the accomplice was? I can’t believe the family is a bunch of killers. I thought it was a great season finale with a lot of twists and turns. Some surprising and some not so surprising.