Suits: (S06E09) "The Hand That Feeds You"

Review: The episode starts on a happy, comedic note as we see Louis and Donna find a moment of peace and relaxation in going out for a mud. Through out this season Donna has helped him grow and deal with the Tara situation and this episode was no difference. She keeps him firm on the ground and we see some good character progress for Louis as he patiently waits for Tara to make up her mind and surprise him with the happy news that she declined her boyfriend’s proposal and wants to have a relationship with him.
While that is happening, Harvey is still dealing with getting Mike out of jail. Cahill had to postpone the date of his release which gave Mike the chance to try and fight for Kevin and his freedom. Gallo continues to remind them of his presence and his parole which at first looks like another source of complication as Harvey almost purges himself to get him out and protect Mike’s life, in the shadow of his guilt, but then Cameron Dennis shows up.
In any other situation the appearance of that character that has been with us for years, never means much good but this time it is different. He makes a deal with Mike to testify against Gallo, as he knows for himself just how dangerous the man can be and with that Harvey avoids committing another crime and lying on the stand. It all comes together in their favor when that gets both back into the world of freedom- Kevin, that night and Mike, the next morning.
Before that, Mike plays Gallo one last time and shows the guards what kind of man they have been serving. After that situation occurs, Gallo has no choice but to listen to Harvey and stay in prison, giving us some satisfaction after we have seen him play with them for the past 9 episodes.
Just like Harvey and Mike, Rachel and Jessica continue to overcome every obsticle in their fight to get Mr. Bailey out of death row. Rachel might be the best at research and Jessica at dropping the hammer, but no one is better at making solving a case soo emotional and inspiring as the two of them together.
The life question of doing what is right OR what is easy is put into light when they have to make that exact decision and in the truest Suits fashion choose to fight for what matters. Getting an innocent man his life and people he cares about back.
The episode ends with two tender reunions, Mr. Bailey finally hugs his daughter after years and Mike falls into the arms of Rachel. What catches the eye in that last scene is Harvey, smiling at the couple, embracing the emotion that overcomes them. 
That moment made me think of the story Donna told Louis about the jack. On the man’s way of getting it he became so paranoid that he over thought every detail, every thing that could go wrong, until it became impossible for him to get  the tool he wanted and he walked away.
Maybe now, that they finally finished the fight of their lives, Harvey will take the chance and go for what he wants and that scene could be a great foreshadow for what is yet to come.
What do you think?