Mr. Robot: (S02E10) "h1dden-pr0cess.axx"

Review: Sorry for taking so long to write a review, I’ve seen the episode yesterday already, but I didn’t have any time to write! So, the episode was amazing, but when it ended, I was thinking “that’s it?! I need more!”
And yeah, I feel like it’s always that way with Mr. Robot.
It feels like Tyrell’s wife definitely has some answers, I still believe she is protecting Elliot, but at the same time she doesn’t know “enough”. For some reason, I thought she might know more about Tyrell, but then she asked Elliot to track him down, so I guess I was wrong. It doesn’t take Elliot much to track “Tyrell’s” apartment, but then his security head says it’s an impossible information. Why? We get a clip of the FBI investigating an aparment, like someone is dead, but is that the same apartment?
Darlene and Cisco are in some big trouble, because the FBI gave out a sketch of Cisco and he is now some-what of a wanted man. Meaning … The Dark army wanted him dead. At the end of the episode, they shoot somebody down. Now, the most important question is, did anybody die? I feel like they should be safe, but you never know with Mr. Robot …
The only thing I am “sad” about is that Whiterose wasn’t present in the episode at all, I find that character incredibly interesting and she is hiding a lot of questions, so I wish we got some answers. But, let’s give time … Time.
Meanwhile, Angela is really breaking out. She tells Elliot she is going to talk to the police about things that happened, she seems really scared and confused, I almost feel bad for her. And … If you thought I wasn’t going to talk about it, you were wrong … We got a kiss between Angela and Elliot. We saw it coming. I almost like the idea of them being a couple, just because they’re such great friends, but … Everything is complicated.
As always, I am hooked and I can’t wait for the next episode.