The Strain (S03E03) "The Born"


In my view, this is the kind of episode where nothing seems to happen, but things do happen; and we get a glimpse into Quinlan’s past.

It opens with a flashback: Ephrain and Kelly in the delivery room the day Zack was born — nothing interesting here. Following that, we get mother-son scene, Kelly tells Zach he was delivered from her body and he’s still part of her, that they share a bond no one can break. The chat continues towards the Master and his plans — she doesn’t reveal anything but assures her son that he can help.

Book Hunting.

Professor Setrakian realises the Lumen is gone. Fortunately for him, Fet reveals he has put a gps tracker device on it and they rush to recover the book.

Quinlan’s Past.

Roman Countryside – 58 AD. This scene takes place in a kind of carnival at night. We see a hooded woman, Ancharia, following a man. He guides her to a covered cage. “Behold, the leech” he says as he reveals the creature inside: Quinlan. Ancharia approaches the cage and tells to Quinlan she’s been searching for him for a long time. She reveals the hybrid nature of Quinlan and express her desire to take him with her. “You bear the master’s mark, yes, but not all who have horns are demons”. These are the words she later says to Quinlan and explains him the Master is hunting him but that he must remain hidden until the time he’s ready to fulfill the prophecy.
Two years later three strigois find the camp where they have been living, forcing them to move to a cave in the mountains because, according to Ancharia, Quinlan is not ready yet to face the Master. He finds them anyways and seals them in the cave, leaving them to starve. Isolated, hungry, thirsty, and weakened, Ancharia asks him to drink her blood, that way he would recover forces and be able to escape. She cuts her throat and allows Quinlan to feed on her. While he drinks, the Master appears, pleased to see him drinking human blood, but Quinlan manages to escape from him.

Strigoi Mother.

Back in Harlem we find Gus in his apartment, collecting his own blood to feed his strigoi mother, while she’s drinking he manages to put a kind of helmet on her head. Angel knocks the door and Gus tries to make him go away, telling him he’s busy. Angel is worried so he decides to enter to the apartment, finds Gus fainted on the floor, and helps him. When Gus recovers some strength they start arguing about Guadalupe. Angel tries to bring Gus into his senses, telling him the creature is not his mother anymore. While they are discussing the issue, a police squad of the Safe Streets Initiative arrive at the building and Angel doesn’t have another option but to help his friend to sneak his mother out of there. The escape plan doesn’t work and they are discovered in the corridor, arrested and taken to West Village High School, where they are informed they’ve been conscripted to fight in the current war.

The exchange.

Eph seems to doubt about the plan “am I trading the future of human life on Earth for the soul of my boy?” Quinlan assures him the Lumen is the answer to their problems, using the book Eph would get his son back, while he would have the opportunity to kill “his father”.
Later, they capture a strigoi and use it to contact the Master, letting him know the exchange’s conditions: he should show up himself, and bring Zach with him, unharmed and human. Eph goes to the exchange’s location, a fishing spot, and waits there until night falls. The Master, Kelly, a strigoi soldier and a kid with his head covered arrive. Eph shows the Lumen and the exchange begins. Kelly and the kid walk toward Eph. When they are close enough Eph tells them to stop and demands to see his son’s face. As was expected, the kid is not Zach but a strigoi. The child attacks him, but he hits him with the Lumen and throws the young strigoi to the water. Kelly rushes towards Eph, he blocks her attack using the book. During the fight the Lumen falls and Kelly manages to grab it and deliver it to the Master.
When Master and team are ready to leave, Quinlan appears to fight him. At the same time Setrakian and Fet, who have been tracking the book all day, arrive to the docks, hear the gunfire and notice a group of Navy Seals. Fet soon realises they have been turned into strigois. The Seals open fire against Quinlan but Setrakian throws a light grenade at them, killing the soldiers and injuring the Master. Quinlan, with the last of his strength, walks towards the Master and beheads him.
The Occido Lumen is gone. Quinlan is severely wounded, who knows if he’ll recover. And the Master seems to be still alive, since in the last scene we see a big worm coming out from his lifeless body and slipping towards the sewer before Setrakian’s eyes.

Questions. What’s gonna happen now they don’t have the Lumen anymore? Will Quinlan get better? Will he die? I hope no. Is Guadalupe still alive? What’s gonna happen to Gus and Angel? Who’s gonna be the new Master’s vessel?