HBO'S Ballers Season 2

image - HBO'S Ballers Season 2

                       Episode 8: “Laying in the Weeds”

 In this  latest episode  of HBO’s “Ballers”, Spencer Strasmore, is on a mission; seeking investors for his latest venture. In a strategic play to buy out his former employer; Spencer decides to host a Draft Day party, which brings all the important characters in his life together. What’s suppose to be a good time turns out to be anything but.

 The animosity that Charles Greane has for Ricky Jerret piqued and the ever so arrogant rookie, Travis Mach, anxiously awaits a call from ANY NFL team to select him. Meanwhile, “cats are out of the bag” regarding Spencer’s latest financial problems.

Thanks to Spencer’s, right hand man, (Joe) spills the beans about his firing, after he specifically asked him to keep quiet. Were my fellow “Ballerites” surprised? I wasn’t. Joe, is a loquacious & rather energetic fellow but he means no harm, I find him endearing actually.

Everyone needs a Joe, on their team. He’s one of my favorite misunderstood characters besides Fat Reggie.  Which reminds me…where in the world is Fat Reggie?? I think I saw him for about 20 seconds in this episode.  Let’s have more Fat Reggie and Joe interactions. The chemistry between those two stooges are fantastic and pure comedy! Its NEVER a dull moment with these BALLERS, thats for sure. Can’t wait for the next episode!