Fear The Walking Dead (S02E11) "Pablo & Jessica"

Here is a short synopsis of the newest episode, “Jessica & Pablo”:
Nick comes up with a plan to insure the grocery mart gang does not have any reason to plan any future attacks on his camp. His plan includes cutting the drugs down to help with the amount of raw medicine that is distributed . Within the other part of the episode we see Madison approach the other hotel faction and barter a deal to aid her in ridding the hotel of the walking dead and fortifying the ground so that they can build a community. We follow as her and Alicia make some amends and bond while performing a dangerous horde diversion.
My Thoughts:
I found this episode boring at times and hard to process. The emotional scenes between Alicia and Maddie did not really hold weight with me and felt forced as well as the scene at the end of episode where Strand talks with the zombie brides husband. For me the highlight of the episode was the romantic scene with Nick and Luciana.
At any rate, how did this particular episode fare for you? I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions to last night’s episode. Be sure to leave it below in the comments section.
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