Suits: (S06E10) "P.S.L."

Pearson Specter Litt has gone through certain good times but just like with everything, they also had a lot of bad ones. After their biggest fight for life yet, they came out as a unit of people who are friends, allies and family.
The title already separated the three surnames with dots, and it paralleled perfectly with what the episode represents. They have paused their lives for a long time but it is finally time for them to not only fight to survive another day, but also live it. And if you thought that 6.09 already felt like a mid season finale, then this was a masterpiece.
The episode starts on a positive note as Mike and Harvey celebrate their win and Mike is offered a job as a consultant at the firm but he wants to figure out his life first. In his final speech in court he told he will never fight for people without  a cause again, he will use his gift and knowledge to help those who deserve it and in this episode we see him support Rachel with doing exactly that. Her and Jessica are getting closer and closer to the finish line of getting Mr. Bailey out and all the pieces of evidence together form a set of clues that help them figure out the role of one of the victim’s father in all of this. It results in Bailey walking away as a free man and a parent, after 12 years of experiencing the exact opposite.
While that is happening, the firm is slowly starting to fall apart again. Louis and Harvey jump into its defense but Louis has his hands full with another problem. Tara is pregnant with her ex’s child and in the moment, as she calls it, he makes an impulsive promise to be there for her no matter what. It later turns out just how much he has really grown in the past season as he ends up proposing to her and keeping his promise. And the new Litt chapter begins.
There is a pattern of influences in this episode, as we finally get another glimpse into Jessica’s past. She sees first hand what focusing too much on your career and personal goals can do to your private life, as her parents inform her of their separation. This episode gives us an incredible inside into Jessica’s mind and another proof of just how good the show is with paralleling the past with present. So they introduced the idea with a scene of young Jessica saying that she wants to follow her dreams and be a lawyer. And now that has changed.
She takes a risk, makes a decision for herself that isn’t based on the pressure of getting it right or fighting for something, someone. She decides to finally walk hand in hand with happiness and she asks Jeff to explore the path with her. In many scenarios it would have been risky to end a storyline of such a powerful, ambitious and strong woman with that, but it worked out perfectly. She was determined to do it, for herself. Him agreeing was just a bonus that she deserved after everything she has sacraficed for others.
Just like every other big decision made in this show, this one too gets a set of different responses. Harvey, on one hand, completely understands her choice. He appears strong and supportive for her although in a  way he is losing his mentor, the closest thing he has to a parent figure in his life. Louis, on the other side, is completely shook and over whelmed with her decision and it’s only after seeing Donna and Harvey’s acceptance, that he “lets her go”- as Jessica called it. 
Just like most of the characters  this season, Harvey has been dealing with all kinds of emotions, but as opposed to the others, for a longer time now. In the end, it all comes down to people leaving- in all kinds of circumstances and ways, but his evolution as a character while it’s happening has been incredible to watch.
The heaviness of Pearson and Litt finally getting out of the constant “pause button” life phase finishes perfectly with the last scene of the mid season finale.
Harvey allows himself to feel pain, to experience it, appreciate the fact that he has people to be grateful for. And there is no moment more fitting than this one for Donna to walk in to be there for him. She asks him if he wants to be alone and he seems to really accept it in that moment that he doesn’t. He doesn’t only need her there, he wants her to be next to him and the significance of that moment as they hold each other’s hand is incredible.
Even the music reaches it’s peak when their hands finally touch. It’s not only a physcial gesture, it is what it represents. 
A team.
-Who is excited for 6B? Suits airs again in 2017 for a winter season.