Blair Witch (2016)

I have to admit after the events of the 2nd Blair Witch movie (Book of Shadows: The Blair Witch Project 2) I was very skeptical for them to make any other film to go with the Blair Witch Project movie series. But this film really did surprise me, so I will get to my opinion of the film in a bit lets get to what you really came here to read, the review of Blair Witch!
In the film: its taking place 20 years after The Blair Witch Project events.We are met with college man James (James Allen McCune) who is looking at footage that “townies” found of his sister Heather’s film project. Following in his missing/presumed dead sister’s advice in doing a career as an EMT so he can help people; James shows the footage to his roommate and friend Lisa Arlington (Callie Hernandez) Lisa automatically dismisses the footage as being faked and that James shouldn’t have high hopes in the found footage. But James believes in his heart that after seeing the footage that the search teams missed something and they should go meet the person who posted the video to Youtube.
Lisa, being the great friend to James agrees to go but tells James the other two are not going to like it. James best friend Peter (Brandon Scott) busts into the room with his girlfriend Ashley (Corbin Reid) the two ask what they are talking about and James and Lisa tell the two of them what their plan is to go out to the same forest and search for the house that the footage revealed in hopes to find James sister. The group of friends agree and they choose to party like theres no tomorrow. Peter ends up being so hungover he ends up sitting in the back seat of the SUV they drive. James then tells the group he got into contact with the people who uploaded the video to see if they could meet to find out where they found the footage at. When they get to the town, the group drives to the house. They are met by Talia (Valorie Curry) who welcomes the group into the home; they are then met by Lane (Wes Robinson) who looks like he could be stoned out of his head. When the group asks about the footage in where they found it, why didn’t they contact James sooner, the two of them change the subject and asking them if they want any tea. Some of them say yes, but James gets down to the point in wanting to know the exact spot where they found the footage. Lane and Talia tell James they will show him but under one condition; they have to come with them, the group eventually agrees to let them come along.
Once the 6 of them get “close” or so Lane says, he then says they have to cross the river where in legend a young woman ended up crossing the same river only to be grabbed by hands and taken by something under the water but no body was never found. The group hesitates at first to cross but James take the first brave act to cross, then Lisa and Peter walks with Ashley and Lane crosses with Talia. As Ashley and Peter are crossing Ashley gets a cut on her bare foot. James helps Peter drag Ashley out of the water to see the cut is bad; James using his EMT skills bandages up the wound and the group ventures on to the site, but because of Ashley having that wound now the group feels like they must take a rest and with the sun setting fast they choose to make camp at a circular looking resting area. Everyone but Peter ends up putting up their tents fast, Peter finally ends up putting up the tent. Lane and Peter both end up collecting fire wood for them to make a fire; the group then cooks hot dogs around the camp fire. Everyone then feels tired so they end up going into their tents and falling asleep. During the night James turns on his camera, he thinks he heard something outside. When he hears shuffling outside he gets on edge and calls out for his friends and for the two townies to see if it was them. James then hears a big boom happen somewhere in the woods following by wolves howling. Lisa comes barging into James tent feeling safe in there with someone. James then asks Peter if they were hearing the same sound that they were hearing, Talia then tells James that Lane is missing that he went out to the woods to go to the bathroom and he likes to venture out sometimes. Peter and Ashley are all like “noooooope” so that leaves James, so James tells Lisa to stay in his tent so she can stay safe; Peter and Ashley wish James luck and go back into their tent, Talia says she will come along with James to look for Lane. Talia and James find Lane in a hurry to run back to camp, they tell him get back to camp and James returns to the camp to be with Lisa in his tent. James tells Lisa she doesn’t have to leave that she can stay in his tent for the night just so she can feel safe.
When the group wakes up from their tents an eerie figure is hanging above all their tents, a wooden figure that looks like its crafted to look like people are hanging from their necks of the figures above each persons tent. Talia then starts taking down the figures; Ashley then wants to go home and begs for the expedition to end right now, James agrees and has Lane and Talia guide them to where they begun in the woods but a discovery is made in Lane’s bag to reveal that Talia and Lane have both been lying to James that they faked the footage and they hung the wooden figures while everyone was sleeping and thats why they were all awoken by 2pm that day too. Peter protecting his best friend James chases off Lane and Talia, but Lane begs them to not do this because its what the Blair Witch wants but the group denies their little warning and shews them off. The group of friends then venture on, but stop to try to find where the road is by their drone. Lisa then sees that no road can be found but they retrieve the drone and venture on the way they are going. James then realizes that they were walking in circles; Ashley is getting worse with the wound and so the group then chooses to re-camp in the same location. Peter then goes after fire wood, when the group realizes Peter hasn’t come back with the firewood James considers going after Peter but unfortunately Peter becomes the first victim of the Blair Witch being slammed by a giant tree that mysteriously feel right on top of Peter.
James goes after Peter but when he gets to the location of the fallen tree, Peter’s body is no where to be found. James goes back to camp to tell Lisa that Peter is nowhere to be found, a sickly ill Ashley then notices someone is standing out there out of their camp. Its Lane and Talia but they think days have passed and don’t believe they are looking at real people, Lane leaves Talia behind and runs away. Talia comes back with the group to eat some food and get warmed up. Ashley then calls for Peter but when Peter is nowhere to be found Ashley blames Talia for Peter’s disappearance only to find the wooden figures are above the tents again and Talia gets really frightened but Ashley takes the figure that Talia removed and Ashely breaks the figure which then snaps Talia’s back so far back it kills her instantly. The Blair Witch then rumbles the ground of the woods and the group runs in different directions James runs with Lisa and Ashley runs away almost killed by her tent that was lifted off the ground by an invisible force.
James and Lisa then look for Ashely, Lisa gets a strange call on the walkie talkies from Peter. James asks Peter where he is; Peter only says to James “help me” the wolves start to howl again and James and Lisa start running but looking for Ashely at the same time. Meanwhile with Ashley, she wonders the woods calling for Lisa and James, she feels a strange feeling with her spasms of her wounded foot so she investigates it only to pull out of the pussy, infected wound a native american jewelry; she then comes across the drone. She thinks its good news and gets her ipad out to activate the drone but the bad news is the drone is stuck in a tree. Ashley even though feeling really sick from that infected wound on her foot chooses to climb the tree. As Ashley is climbing her foot spasms again almost making her fall but she manages to get the drone free from the tree only to fall from the top of the tree and dies.
Meanwhile back with James and Lisa the final survivors of the Witches attack, James and Lisa call out for Ashley but then come across the house from the footage. James tells Lisa that he must go into the house to find his sister; Lisa begs him not to go in, James tells Lisa “you know this is what I’ve been needing to do, what I have been wanting to do ever since Heather went missing” James goes into the house, the door closes behind him he thinks its because of the strong winds outside that it happens. James investigates the inside of the house; James then gets stuck in a room where a spirit keeps him in there when he turns around James gets scared by a spiritual looking woman. Lisa then goes into the house after looking over at one of the trees and sees a figure peeking from the tree she runs in the house trapped again. James and Lisa meet up again in the attic of the house, James says to Lisa “don’t look at the Blair Witch, if you don’t look at her she can’t hurt you” so Lisa and James look at the corner they are faced at, James then tells Lisa hes so sorry for bringing her into this. James hears his sisters voice and gets killed by the witch. Lisa then walks backward with her camera revealing in the lens the blair witch but with her not looking at her the figure then hides. Lisa thinking shes safe to continue to walk backwards then gets tricked by the demonic blair witch figure mimicking James voice making Lisa to turn around. The screen then goes black!
Honestly, I loved the Blair Witch Project movie the first movie was an interesting idea to create a movie to make people believe that the events really did happen by saying in the beginning of the movie the events happened in such and such month/day/year and I was really happy that they brought that back to the opening captions of the film before starting the film. Another thing I really liked about this film was they brought Blair Witch movies back to its roots by making what made the first film scary and enjoyable and bringing it into this 3rd film of the franchise. Yes they have made two documentaries after Blair Witch Project and Blair Witch 2 but they don’t count as sequels this is in fact counted as a sequel in the Blair Witch Project films which I was really happy but yet concerned about too because of part 2 being a major flop in the box office and that the sequel to the second film was tossed aside and then put into production to be canceled and then to be tricked by the director himself by revealing a trailer that his new movie The Woods is actually  a sequel of the Blair Witch Project that is then not called The Woods but is in fact titled Blair Witch. Which you have to admit that was a pretty amazing reveal that this director’s new movie was the awaited Blair Witch Project sequel that would bring Blair Witch back to a glory that can possibly bring more sequels. I mean just because everyone died in the movie again doesn’t mean the Blair Witch movie cycle is over, because thats what everyone thought when the first film ended and look what happened with that. Overall this film was a great sequel and I also loved that they finally revealed what The Blair Witch looks like which I was really happy about because they never revealed what the witch looked like in the other 2 movies.
I would rate this film: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars
Blair Witch is now out in theaters!