Mr. Robot: (S02E11) "pyth0n-pt1.p7z"

Review: I’ve seen the episode straight away, but I was too busy to actually write a review. Here it is now! I think this was (potentially) the weirdest episode of Mr. Robot yet. It wasn’t scary, “sad” or anything like that, it was just simply weird.
We saw in the previous episode that Angela was captured and it’s safe to say that we all knew this was Dark Army’s doing. A young girl then appeared in the room and started asking Angela some very bizarre questions – have you ever cried during sex, have you ever thought about killing your father and so on. It was simply weird, as if Angela was playing some kind of a game – escape room? – and she had to find the key. At the end, Whiterose tells Angela that she is important to Phillip and that she can’t talk about the information that she has. I’m excited we got a scene with Whiterose, because I think she is one of the most appealing characters of the season, if not of the entire show. Going back, why exactly is Angela important to Phillip? It seems unusual.
Dominique is clearly traumatised after what happened in the previous episode, she starts talking to some kind of a program, asking her whether she “loves her” … This woman has been acting strange since the beginning, but I guess it’s hard (if not impossible) to be normal in Mr. Robot, right?
Saying that, neither Darlene or Cisco appeared in this episode, Sam Esmail just keeps on building the suspense! Have they lived or not? Darlene probably has, although she might be injured, but what about Cisco? Like I’ve said, Dominique was traumatised, but there was blood on her (she stated it wasn’t her own blood), so what does that mean?
The fact that Mr. Robot and Elliot aren’t coming together is probably the strangest and scariest thing yet. What do I mean? Mr. Robot has been doing things that Elliot isn’t aware of this season, but now Elliot was “spying” on Mr. Robot. They’re supposed to be one person, but now it seems like they might not be. Is it possible that Elliot is getting worse?
And here we go, this is the moment we have all been waiting for … Tyrell is indeed alive! I know Tyrell is a psychotic character, but he is also very appealing for some reason and I’m glad we finally got a scene with him! He meets up with Elliot and he starts talking about some kind of a plan, this is all still a mistery, but I think we’ll finally get our answers in the next episode.
When the episode ended, I was once again left thinking:”This is it? I need more!”
It seems like that’s the process of Mr. Robot that will be happening more often now …
Also! Emmys are this weekend and Mr. Robot is nominated for bunch of stuff, I really hope they get as much awards as possible, because I think they deserve it more than anyone.
Let’s tune in next week.