Z Nation (S03E01 – Part I and II) “No Mercy” and “No Frackin Mercy”


Who’s ready to get some answers? Well, keep waiting because Z Nation Season 3 opens with an awesome double episode: Z Nation Flashback Movie. Action takes place somewhere back in season two, and shows the group still in their mission to take Murphy to the CDC, Cassandra is still alive, and Lucy is still a little baby. The team deviate from their mission to help a group of survivors who are being threatened by a man known as “The Man” and his mysterious boss. It’s a great episode, it has action, humor, sad moments, Doc awesome’s comments, 10K typical moment around a girl, Z-Wack, and Warren being amazing as usual. Let’s go to the episode.


We are introduced to The Man, he seems to be a kind of mercenary and I’m sure we’ll get to see more of him. The Man is on his mission to capture the last person of his list: Doctor Teller. We see him standing at the gates of the survivors’ place, demanding them to turn in Doctor Teller, but they refuse to do that. Luckily for The Man, one of the survivors kids is silly enough to attack him, he knocks him out and tells the survivors they have 24 hours to give him Teller or he’ll hurt the kid. I‘m gonna name the kid “Crow Boy”.

Crow boy manages to escape from The Man just to be found by 10K, moments later they meet with Red — Crow Boy’s sister — and she guides them to the survivors’ camp. There, Warren talks to Teller and they agree to help each other: the team will provide protection and survivors will give them transport and fuel.

While everyone is busy fortifying the place, Murphy starts to hear a distant whispering, he decides to follow it and finds what it seems to be a kind of mutant zombie, she’s begging for mercy. Later we learn she’s not really a zombie, but Doctor Teller’s wife. That place was a laboratory — called Mercy — and its employees were working on a cure for the zombie virus, but there was an explosion which contaminated the entire lab, infecting the personal with the experimental anti-Z fungus strain: it neutralized the zombie virus but the carrier would experience terrible mutations. So this poor people are trapped inside the lab, they can’t go out because they are infected, they are not alive either dead, the survivors wouldn’t dare to mercy them, so they kept them “alive”.

Zombified blaze of glory.

As the time of the encounter comes closer, Warren decides to check on the perimeter and she’s attacked and abducted by The Man, who’s going to try to trade her for Teller. Unfortunately for him, Crow Boy — now a kind of mini 10K, Doc calls him 5K — rescues her.

Back at the lab, The Man releases a horde of zombies, but the group successfully mercy all of them. The second stage of the plan of attack is “The Kraken”: six mercy-proofed zombies tied to a guy with a whip. The group tries to stop them but they fail, so they retreat to the laboratory. They hide there and are helped by the infected scientists. Doctor Teller’s wife is severely injured and he has to mercy her. Outside, 10K and Crow Boy are being chased by The Man, but he later decides to go back to his original mission: find Teller; leaving 10K and Crow boy to a horde of zombies. Despite all their efforts, The Man accomplishes his mission and takes Doctor Teller with him. Most of the people they were trying to help are dead. Sad ending for everyone.

Personal view.

Although I wanted to get answers more than anything, this episode was great, it was nice to see Cass again, I really missed her. Now I‘m really gonna miss Crow Boy, he was awesome. We’ll have to wait until next friday to find out what happened with this amazing team.