Dark Matter (S02E11) "Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had The Chance"

Talk about a trip gone wrong, right?  As the crew decides to take a casual trip to stop and have a shop around, who knew that that one of them would be kidnapped.
As Three and Five take a look around shop for stuff that they could need, sour fruit might be useful. Five looks around but not any further as she gets picked up by a group of men, known as The Danker Brothers. These guys are like the hillbilly bounty hunters.
Three realizes that Five’s gone and looks and asks around if they’ve seen her. But it was until a guy comes up and tells him that the Danker Brothers took her and drove him to their place where they were keeping her.
Five tries to fight back with the Danker Brothers but the only successful she did was stuck a spoon through one of the guy’s ear. Shows you that she can fight back.
Meanwhile, Two, Four and Nyx were having a good time drinking and playing mind games of guess what color of the card. Let’s just say Nyx won, but as soon as Five gets kidnapped the whole place goes on lock down and names their crew they’re looking for by Kierken.
But with communication down, the team had no way of them getting back to the ship. The three tries sneaking to the transporter but had to fight against the officers.
As they were back on the ship, Three deals of saving Five and does it with a blaze of glory. Only taken our three, the fourth one comes through the door and the two shoots each other one dead the other only wounded ( I guess you can take a wild guess who got wounded).
Three wounded pretty badly, Five steps up and takes care of the wound splashing some alcohol and burning the wound. Yeah it looked and sounded pretty painful.
But just before the two were leaving the Kierken and his squad were on their trail, so they head into the woods hoping to get around them. But it wasn’t successful as Three had to sit because he couldn’t go any further. But he tries to get Five to go and leave him there, but she wouldn’t and then tries to get her confidence by talking mean to her, which worked.
Kierken catches Three and tries to get him to confess of his wrong doing. Three explains what he did and the team.
Two, Four and Nyx get down there to search for Three and Five. As they search they see an explosion which knocked Kierken and his squad down. The blast was caused by Five, thinking use their fire weapons against Kierken. Three decides to keep Kierken alive, even if he was a clone.
Back on the ship, Three is recovering well and Five comes in and tells him that their relationship won’t be solve with a bowl of oatmeal with soul berries.
Later Six wakes up from a nightmare of him and his family. He ask Android if she could upload his memories as Ryo Ishida.
This episode was really good. Even though I came in late to watching this series, I enjoyed it and thought it was better than the previous episode. The relationship between Three and Five in this episode was so good as it was like a mentor and his mentee dealing with a bad situation. Anthony Lemke and Jodelle Ferland were amazing in this episode!
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