Fear The Walking Dead (S02E12) "Pillar of Salt"

A recap of the newest episode , “Pillar of Salt”.
In this episode we see the crumbling of the camps on both Madison’s and Nick’s side. It seems although the two are several miles apart, they both simultaneously lend a hand in the fall of their settlements. On Nick’s side he’s is attempting to come up with a plan to ensure his and Luciana’s safety when things go sideways. On Madison’s end we see her and Elena going to the market to obtain medicine for Strand’s injuries. Lastly Several flashbacks into Ofelia’s past and flash-forwards of her current location are shown. In the last scene of the episode we see a lone Travis wondering the desert seemingly after the previous episode’s confrontation with Chris.
My Thoughts:
There were moments in the episode, where I felt the pacing moved along quite well and I found myself bewildered and not knowing what was to come next. I always find that when a show can draw a multitude of emotions from me, especially anticipation, they are doing something right. However, I have to say that when it comes to Fear The Walking Dead, you may have a higher ratio of wrongs than rights. The lack of development in the characters creates a certain sense of apathy for their well-being and makes watching the show a chore. There were just scenes that I felt the acting was off and very unnatural . I would have preferred more subtlety in that department. As to keep this review positive I do find seeing Travis heading towards the hotel by his lonesome extremely intriguing. I look forward to finding out what happened to Chris and hi new-found besties. All in all, I give the episode a few tallies on the scoreboard. I am just awaiting for this season to pick up or go home.
Have you seen this episode? If so, leave your thoughts down below and tell me how this season is faring for you thus far. Until then.
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