Ballers: (S02E09)"Million Bucks in a Bag"

image8 - Ballers: (S02E09)"Million Bucks in a Bag"
Well, the writers of Ballers have done it again! I loved this episode! Honestly, I thought I had this episode figured out from last weeks preview.  This episode showcases the aftermath of the “Draft day party.”  It was  most definitely an epic party! Naked chicks everywhere, some random dude making breakfast, Spencer  picking up the trash that has been strewed everywhere and hungover party attendees wearing out their welcome in Spencer’s home. 
It  appeared to be one of those “you had to be there” type of shindigs. I must say that I was a bit envious. What can I say? Miami folk knows how to party!  Anyway,  I think the most interesting part of the entire episode was the connection between Andre  and Spencer.   As the story went on I almost felt like Andre has a weird “thing” for Spencer.   When Andre finds out that Spencer has been fired.  Andre, seemed shocked,  perplexed and disappointed. What an unusual response I thought to myself.   Maybe in some weird way, Andre wanted to buy out the company just so he can have some kind of Godfather type of hold over Spencer?  So many thoughts were circulating in my brain.
I must say that I am really enjoying the evolution of these characters. They brought back Vernon and Fat Reggie for this episode and I must say I was very glad to see them!  It was very interesting to see that Fat Reggie (out of all people) hand over to Spencer a $1 million check. Then Spencer rips the check to shreds! Dude, are you nuts? Too many Vicodin?  Sigh. The money wasn’t enough and I get that but he should have kept it. Vernon owes him a lot of money. 
And how about that Ricky Jerett? Mr. Cocky, is also  maturing . I just love how he digs into his fault where he keeps his bars of gold and cash. And I love how he coolly he hands over the cash to Joe  & Spencer…How gangster is that?  Bars of gold though? I love it! We have two more episodes after this. I’m so ready!  Is it Sunday yet? 

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