The Strain (S03E04) "Gone but not Forgotten"

Review:  Gone but not forgotten takes place immediately after The Master’s apparent death. Relationships between the members of the group seems to be broken. Dutch is back. Quinlan and Zach, the annoying kid, are still alive. Gus and Angel are forced to clean a tunnel from strigois. And strigois, temporarily without their guide, are doing whatever they want, “every muncher for himself” in Fet’s words.

Quick recap

During an interview, Feraldo gets in an argument with a journalist, accusing her of turning people against her efforts, but she also finds out her men were conscripted people to fight strigois.

At Carmine Street High School, Gus, Angel, and some other random people are forced to join the “sweep team”. They are supposed get rid of all strigois wandering in the tunnels. They face some strigois — random people is killed — but then have to retreat.

Eph takes care of a wounded Quinlan and later confesses to Fet and Setrakian that he was the one who stole the Lumen and helped The Born. Needless to say none of them is happy to hear that, and the professor asks him to leave. Eph comes back to Fet’s place. There he receives an unexpected visitor: Dutch. For the time being, she’s a completely mess, she can’t sleep and when she does, she only dream about her time at Eichhorst’s dungeon. It seems — at least for now — the team will be split into two: Fet and Setrakian will keep trying to kill The Master and all the munchers; Eph and Dutch became drinking buddies, I’m not pretty sure what are they gonna do next.

Meanwhile, Setrakian and Quinlan pay a visit to The Ancients, where they are informed that as long as the Crimson Worm is still alive, so is The Master, and when he decides to take a new vessel, he will be as strong as before. Quinlan is really upset, saying the Ancients should have warned him about this crimson worm — and I don’t blame him.

With the Master gone, Eichhorst tries to stick with the plan and recruits some strigois among Feraldo’s staff. He then introduces bombs inside their bodies and encourages them to carry out a suicidal attack, promising them a reward of the virgin blood of seventy humans. This plan is a total succeed. The suicidal strigois head toward Feraldo’s building, once they explode, worms are spreaded everywhere and infect many people. One worm introduces into Feraldo’s eye but Fet is able to kill it with UV light. She dodged the bullet this time.


It was a really interesting episode, we can see everything is going to change from now on, but we’re not sure if it’s for better or for worse. Feraldo is trying her best in a world that’s falling apart around her. The team is divided, I hope they can work their differences out and start to work together again. I also would like to see Gus and Angel more often, I feel their storyline is really slow, it seems they’re always in the same place. I wanna see more of those two. And Quinlan, well, he’s always a surprise, we’ll have to wait to see his next move.