Lucifer (S02E01) "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer"

The Devil is back and still hot! Lucifer and Amenadiel join forces to find their mother who escaped from hell. She most likely possessed a human so that makes their job a bit hard. Maze is still missing but Dan has been let out of jail and reinstated as a consultant. Seems incredible that Dan just gets off with a slap on the wrist; I would have expected a full blown investigation given last season Dan admitted that he looked the other way when Malcolm committed a crime. But enough about Detective Douche. Chloe and Lucifer get a case with horns. Literally. A girl is found dead with make shift horns driven into her skull. Lucifer believes his mother is behind this. I guess we know where the Devil gets his clever ideas for punishment.
However the Devil’s mother isn’t behind this murder. That being said Lucifer talks about his mother for the first time and gives us the real version of how Creation came to be. Basically there were 2 celestial beings (one male and one female) that came together making the Big Bang. But eventually mom and dad drifted apart and when Dad kicked Lucifer out of Heaven his mother did nothing to stop it. So when Dad kicked Mom out of Heaven next, Lucifer paid her the same attention she did him. Harsh. On the supernatural front Amenadiel is concerned that Chloe will eventually find out the truth about the existence of the divine. She has a sample of Lucifer’s blood and claims that it will tell her the truth. Frustratingly she decides not to find out but before that Amenadiel tries to get the blood sample back by using his time stopping powers unfortunately they seem to be on the fritz. Whether that’s because of Mom or because he’s been on Earth too long is hard to say. In a similar situation but more dire, Lucifer gets beaten up by an old woman. It could be because Chloe was in the area and she has the power to make him vulnerable but I’m not ready to accept that yet.
Anyway Amenadiel decides to show Chloe “the truth” by shooting himself but he reveals a bullet proof vest with blood packets and that Lucifer uses hypnosis to influence people. Chloe doesn’t fully buy it. Instead she decides to let Lucifer remain a mystery. Maze does return but she tells both Lucifer and Amenadiel that she needs some space to figure things out. Amenadiel is kind of put out by this. Now we find out that Maze and Dr. Martin have been hanging out while she still sees Lucifer. I thought Dr. Martin would stop seeing him because she felt that he wasn’t really learning anything about himself in their sessions but thankfully Lucifer decided to grow a little and admit that he has some issues he needs to work out and he needs Dr. Martin to help him. Cliffhanger: Mom finally shows up at Lucifer’s place but she’s holding a bloody knife and is terrified.
I give this episode an A+! For a lot of new shows it takes a while for the writers to find a certain voice or style but “Lucifer” seems to have hit the mark (their music choices are fantastic!). They found the formula that could carry this show pretty far (as long as FOX knows what a gem they have). I love the new cast additions but I’m still hoping that maybe in a case or two there’s a supernatural element to it that raises the stakes. Though I feel that’s what sets this show a part form other paranormal procedurals. Still… fighting a demon escaped from hell (besides Mommy Dearest) would be an interesting case for Lucifer and Chloe.