Chicago PD (S04E01): "The Silos"

After many months of waiting, Chicago PD finally returned last night to answer all our dire questions about Season 3’s mega cliff hanger. We pick up this season a week or so after the death of Hank Voight’s son. Erin is put in a difficult position and must make a decision between protecting Voight or doing what is right. Burgess also receives a new partner.
Directorial choices are made in this episode that make Lindsay appear small and help represent the great decision she is up against. Viewers are on the edge of their seats, wondering, what will she do? But, they are also placed in her footsteps realizing how huge this one answer is and how it could effect not only her, but the whole CPD.
“Silos” was a strong season premier, quickly tackling topics such as sexual assault. The ability to have a television show that captures the brutality of life and shines a light on all the injustices in the world is truly important in this day and age.
This side plot introduced viewers to Burgess’ new partner in crime, Tay. It is clear Tay will be a character that is built up. She has a complex history with other officers which has left her assigned to the worst police jobs.
By the end of the episode, Crowley wants to make Voight a deal, but he won’t have it. He’s too emotionally hurt about having to see is son dead. But, they don’t dig up a body, opposed to what viewers expect.
This ends the episode with a big cliff hanger. Did Erin tamper with the crime scene to save Voight? Or was Voight smart enough to dispose of the body elsewhere?
One thing viewers were endearingly reminded of was the strong bond between Erin and Voight. Showing up at her house, Hank breaks into tears proclaiming, “You’re all I have left.” Viewers can look forward to seeing the strain and growth of this relationship during the crime scene investigation and loss of a family member as the Season unfolds.