NCIS: New Orleans (S03E01) "Aftershock"

The 3rd season of NCIS-New Orleans continues with the aftermath of the season 2 finale; regarding Homeland Security Agent Russo’s treason and the effects it has on the team, particularly Brody, who was compromised by having an affair with Russo. Returning from Administrative Leave and subject to further D.C inquiry regarding NCIS operations in New Orleans and the Homeland Security acts of treason and terrorism are, Special Agent in charge, Dewayne Pride (Scott Bakula) Special Agent, Christopher LaSalle, (Lucus Black) Dr Loretta Wade, (CCH Pounder) Rob Kerkovich (Forensic Scientist ,Sebastian Lund) Daryl “Chill” Mitchell (Patton Payne, Computer Specialist)
and Shalita Grant as Special Agent Sonja Percy. The resignation of Agent Brody (Zoe McLellan) adds credibility to the storyline as her relationship with Russo, as well as the team, remains under scrutiny.
The casting  of FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, (Vanessa Ferlito)  also adds a legitimate credibility to the Homestead storyline. She’s the special investigator assigned to review and access Pride’s team. Yet she stumbles into the sniper situation, before introductions and partners with the team to bring down the rifleman.
During the bonding process, the Agent Tammy, immediately rubs Percy the wrong way. Maybe because she misses Brody, “it’s a new girl thing” or she’s still jumpy from that “stupid hug” with LaSalle before taking leave. And Tammy has a secret, of course.  It could be just intuition about the Agent; yet “something’s not quite right with the agent” Still her greatest insult may be she doesn’t care for the local cuisine!
Never the less, being a master marksmen, the story of the sniper ends with Tammy’s ability to take out the sniper as guided by Percy. And somewhere within the search for the sniper it is revealed, Agent Tammy is the expected investigative observer from D.C.  Of course this adds to the stifling process of “getting to know you”
And so they’re back, with promises of action packed episodes and the teases of more than a relationship of “work husband” and “work wife” between Percy and LaSalle. I hope so.
See ya’next week
“Aftershocks” was written by Brad Kern (Charmed, Beauty and the Beast)
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