The Goldbergs (S04E01) “Breakfast Club”

Review: Just like last year, The Goldbergs kicks off the new season with a tribute to an 80s movie: The Breakfast Club. It all starts with Adam, trying to reinvent himself for his first day in high school. He dresses like Bender, the bad boy in the movie and he relies on Erica and Barry to help him out. They make it very clear though that they will ignore him completely because they have their own projects to work on: Erica wants to be the popular girl in her senior year, and Barry wants to become one of the top jocks, now that he joined the wrestling, basketball AND cross country team.
In the season 3 finale, we heard that Beverly wanted to get her teaching certificate over the summer so she could substitute teach at William Penn and now a few days before the new school year starts she tells her kids the happy news. Of course they aren’t thrilled, and they try to get Murray to talk her out of it, which backfires. When Bev arrives at school, Principal Ball makes it very clear that he doesn’t want her there and the teachers also show her that she’s not welcome, but Beverly is still Beverly and she will make sure to be at the school as much as she can.
Bev, still trying to find her place in the school (even while she’s not working), wants to sit with her kids at lunch, but when they reject her, everybody gets mad. And that’s how Erica, Barry, Adam and Lainey end up in Saturday detention, and Beverly gets fired “from the job she never had”. While Adam is enjoying Saturday detention way too much because of the parallels with the Breakfast Club, everybody else is annoyed and bored. With Johnny Atkins also in detention, Adam sees his status as the Criminal change to the nerd, and with Barry as the Athlete, Lainey as the Princess and Erica as the Basket Case (thanks to her new crush on Geoff and his relationship with Evelyn) every character on The Breakfast Club is represented.
While the kids are in detention, Beverly tells Murray that she didn’t feel welcome at the school and that she won’t go back there as a teacher. Murray realizes that this was what Bev really wanted and goes over to the school and convinces Principal Ball to let her come back. But Beverly doesn’t respond as enthusiastic as Murray had hoped and all of a sudden, he is in charge of Saturday detention, telling the kids to write an essay about how great their mother is so that she feels wanted at the school again.
Adam still wants the whole group to bond like in The Breakfast Club, but everybody else is not having any of it. However when Adam puts on music, just like in the movie, he gets everybody to dance which eventually even leads to a trust circle, joined by Beverly. And in that trust circle the kids convince Bev that she is more than just a mom, and even though they don’t like it, they want to support her dream of becoming a teacher. So the week after Saturday detention things have changed: Beverly is at school as a substitute teacher, Barry helps out  Adam and Erica is her old self again, accepting the relationship between Geoff and Evelyn.
This was a great season premiere, I’m very happy that the show is finally back. I loved the homage to The Breakfast Club and I think they did it very well! I thought it was hilarious and also loved it that we got to see some of the classic Goldberg moves, like the Barry run, Erica’s gagging and of course two Bev bombs! I think this season is going to be very interesting, now that Beverly is a substitute teacher and I can’t wait to see how that is going to work out! I also think it’s great that Erica is not avoiding Geoff anymore now, because at the end of season 3 I was a little worried about her feelings for him. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season!
Rating: 9/10