Blindspot (S02E02): "Heave Fiery Knot"

With the second season well underway, and the premiere not holding back, this week’s episode of Blindspot kept the intensity up. Titled “Heave Fiery Knot” the episode opens as Jane (Jaimie Alexander) begins to remember the events of the army battlefield. I say begin, because it’s with a little help from Roman (Luke Mitchell) and Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) that it happens. They reveal to her the true nature of the battle, what happened and what they were fighting for. Most importantly, the name of the mission, being Orion. It seems as though the Blindspot creative team are continuing to answer those questions we have, but also those that Naz (Archie Panjabi) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) have. With all this new information on hand, Jane relays it to her team at the FBI, along with encouragement from Sandstorm to solve the Colosseum tattoo. So what’s their play? Naz is certainly wary, but nonetheless the team goes ahead with solving the tattoo.
As they start to work, they uncover hidden bullets beneath the tattoo and soon work out that it’s indicative of a secret gun trading group connected to Sandstorm. They further discover that this gun group could be planning to hit a target in New York. Continuing on the theme from last week, the team is still struggling to trust Jane and accept her as part of the team. None more so than Zapata (Audrey Esparza), confronting Weller in the hopes of understanding how he can be okay with Jane. He assures Zapata he’s not, he doesn’t like working with Jane and can barely be in the same room as her. All of this exchange is sadly overheard by Jane, who I can imagine would rather be anywhere but there. Jaimie Alexander has given Jane such depth, adept at the kick-ass operative scenes as much as the tormented, vulnerable ones. 
Meanwhile this week, Reade (Rob Brown) is working hard to bring Coach Jones to justice. He’s working with a young ADA on the case, and during the episode reunites with an old football friend from back in high school. Freddy endured abuse at the football camps, and Reade believes that his testimony could be enough to pull the case through. We’ve got to give it to Reade, he’s determined and loyal, two traits that will come in handy as the case continues to develop. The team has since had a breakthrough, they’ve tracked down a DEA agent that seems to be connected to the gun ring, her name, Valentine. With initial trouble tracking her down, Naz and her NSA technology eventually do – much to Patterson’s (Ashley Johnson) dismay. The underhanded attitude Patterson has with Naz adds a little comedic genius to a completely dramatic show, adding light and humour. The team convene and travel towards Valentine’s location; Reade expresses his disdain for Jane with Zapata maintaining her firm stance. Elsewhere, Naz offers Jane a little advice navigating the troubling waters with her team, but it doesn’t seem to help at all. As they arrive, the team become involved in a high-octane shootout with the Cartel. They’ve surprisingly come to take Valentine out, luckily for her the FBI show up at just the right time. She is saved, but subsequently arrested. 
Back at headquarters, Jane seeks support from Borden (Ukweli Roach) but isn’t as forthcoming as she has been in the past. She’s retreated back and put her walls up, it’s obvious she doesn’t know who she can trust. Borden tries his best to encourage Jane to seek solace with Kurt; they both find themselves alone, maybe they can help each other. Also, he states that the team is the closest thing Jane has to a family. But are they? Now that Roman and Shepherd are in the picture, that could change. Elsewhere in the building, the team uncover that Rob Kingston, Valentine’s boss, was the one that ordered the hit on her. After uncovering the illegal gun activity, Valentine was viewed as disposable. However, with her still alive and in the custody of the FBI, she’s a valuable asset in taking down the ring. They track her boss, Kingston, to a storage yard in Brooklyn where Valentine herself is part of a dire stand-off. As the rest of the team races to join her, gun shots ring out. They arrive too late, to a bloodied Valentine lying on the ground and no trace of Kingston. 
Patterson is holding down headquarters when approached by Borden. And let’s just say how intoxicatingly adorable this relationship is. He found a floppy disk on eBay that made him think of her, and from there share a cute, exchange full of flirtation. He awkwardly stumbles when asking her for dinner, but through all the innocence Patterson accepts. You can’t help but smile like a little kid when watching these two, especially after all Patterson has been through. Too bad the rest of the team can’t steal some of their happiness; back in the lab, Jane calls Zapata out, while Reade stands up and smacks Jane down. Weller, rising above, reprimands each and every single member of his team, showing leadership skills and how being the bigger person can sometimes be the only way. As the team leave Patterson to do her work, Reade informs Zapata on his plight to bring Jones to justice, but also the disappointing news that the ADA is refusing to move forward with the case. 
Searching out Naz, who we find out is keeping a close ear on Jane and her movements, Jane informs Naz that she can’t do this anymore. Naz, however, isn’t taking that. She reminds Jane that if she backs out, everything will be off the table, she will be arrested. Not responding well to this, Jane goes to leave but Naz stops her in her tracks with news that Tom Carter ran Orion, that being the reason he tried to kill her. Following this conversation, Jane confronts Weller, not backing down. The emotion that Alexander and Stapleton have bought to these last two episodes is heartbreaking and chilling. As they talk about Taylor Shaw, the secrecy and everything that comes along with it, we begin to see the Jane and Kurt of Season 1. Jane admits to missing being Taylor, and understands if Kurt hates her but they need to work out a way to work together. He doesn’t hate her, he just doesn’t know her anymore, a feeling she mirrors. Interrupted in a timely fashion by Patterson, the team haul ass to the east side of New York where Kingston and his crew are planning to launch stinger missiles. After some wiz-kid work from Patterson, they discover the plan to shoot down an airplane of Mexican officials. Fortunately, Jane and Weller and the entire team work fluidly together to disarm the criminals with Jane safely directing the stinger missile away from the plane and into the water. 
After another successful mission, the team seems to put their issues aside, if only for a moment. Weller and Naz continue their flirty banter – I predict these two may or may not hook up at one point or another. There’s too much power and tension at play for something not to develop. We learn that after the success of this mission, that a key part of Sandstorm’s organization, has been taken down. They’re making progress. As the team disperses for the night, Zapata offers Reade one last bit of support before he meets up with Freddy to apologize. But what he experiences is a lot worse than just anger from Freddy; Freddy goes further to suggest that Reade himself was abused. As he stumbles away, his internal world is crumbling at this revelation, could it be true? Meanwhile, Zapata swallows her pride and helps Jane out with her bullet wound. She offers a sassy apology for shooting her, and Jane remarks that she did in fact ask for it. The exchange is laced with sarcasm and lightness, giving the audience hope that forgiveness could be on the horizon for these two. Seems as the though the theme of future versus past is being explored this season; Weller finally disposes of his fathers belongings, quickly followed by a surprise visit from Ali. She comes bearing big news. She’s pregnant. Talk about a surprise twist. And on the topic of family, as we see Jane return to the gravesite from earlier in the episode, she’s joined by Roman who crazily drugs her cold. 
Other key notes:
– Roman is brutal and extremely protective of Jane 
– Kade has been seen