Bull: (S01E01) "The Necklace"

Michael Weatherly is “Bull” the founder and head of a jury consulting firm, Trial Analyst Corporation. Based on a true story; Dr. Jason Bull recounts the early days of Dr. Phil McGraw, yes the “Dr Phil” of talk show fame.  The Doctor, uses his psychology background, mock trials, high-tech techniques, strategies and a lot of common sense to access the probable outcome of jury trials by selecting ”the most probable” jurors that would be in support of his clients.  There is also a lot of common sense. Oops, already said that.
Assisted by his former brother-in-law Benny Colon, (Freddy Rodriguez) “mirrors the jury” for the defense; Marissa Morgan, (Geneva Carr) a neurolinguistics expert formerly of Homeland Security; Danny James, (Jaime Lee Kirchner) former NYPD detective on investigations; millennial hacker Cable McCrory, CI (cyber intelligence) (Annabelle Attanasio); and fashion conscious stylist and former All American lineman Chunk Palmer, (Chris Jackson) as fashionista, make up the entourage.
In the premiere episode, The TAC team represents Brandon, rich, spoiled and irresponsible.  He is accused of murder, during a yacht party.  Bull’s charge is to find a juror who would lean towards the “abandoned” and psychologically abused child.  He finds one, with a woman who subconsciously seeks to relieve her guilt surrounding circumstances involving her son.
Seeking the truth is psychological council…and common sense. From encouraging self-esteem in the client to do right for “self”;  as well as encouraging the very timid 2nd chair on defense to “bring it” as she is the element of trust for the jurors (female). Hating lawyers, Bull outmaneuvers the lead defense attorney, whose intentions to do right by Brandon is questionable. You know how the story ends. Yet getting there is the edge of your seat of it, making it must see.  The twist, turns, bumps, sadness and ultimate relief as the truth comes out is so, “never saw it coming,” it’s must see TV.
Created and written by Paul Attanasio (The Sum of All Fears Homicide: Life on the Streets ) and Phil McGraw, the epiosdes are inspired by true stories and science. This is a good mix for me; even though I only watched to make sure I did not miss NCIS-New Orleans (lead in).  I do not watch Dr Phil for a number of reasons and would have never tuned in if he was the draw.
In addition, I did not see the, “very special agent, Tony DiNozzo” of NCIS, in this episode.  I did see a man driven to reveal and release human agony on the road to truth; even his own.
With that said, “see ya’next week!”
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