Lethal Weapon: (S01E01) "Pilot"

When I heard FOX would be adapting Lethal Weapon into a television series I immediately thought…please don’t let them fudge this up as badly as CBS fudged up Rush Hour. Surprisingly (and delightfully) FOX put their best foot forward with this pilot episode.
The episode started off by introducing the audience to Riggs and the tragedy that led to his suicidal tendencies. It then shifts over to Murtaugh and immediately shows the audience how he’s going to be the contrasting character to Riggs; he just survived a heart attack…an attack that led to heart surgery aka he’s got a new zest for life.
The episode, of course, has the crime that has to be solved. This is a police procedural after all. This gives the audience a chance to see the guys in action, hear some witty banter, and have a sense of fulfillment by the end of the episode when the crime is solved.
I think if you were a fan of the Lethal Weapon movie series, you’ll enjoy this…reboot…if I may be so bold in calling it that. The crimes, issues, and even Riggs’s brand of PTSD is set to be more in tune with what is happening in the world today. The actors are doing a good job at making these characters they’re own. They’ve adapted their own mannerisms, while still letting the original characters shine through. Riggs is cocky…but not in the Mel Gibson smile and look at my perfect eyes kind of way…but in a Clayne Crawford saunter by with his Texas swag and flip of his hair kind of way. Murtaugh is cranky…but not in a Danny Glover “I’m too old for this” shuffle…but in a Damon Wayans not too old to out wit you with all the words flying out of his mouth.
I have high hopes for this one…hopefully it will not disappoint (cough Rush Hour cough). We’ll see what next week’s episode has in store for us.