Mr. Robot: (S02E12) "pyth0n-pt2.p7z"

Review: Well, the Mr. Robot’s season finale finally landed upon us this week and it graced me with the same feeling that every other episode of this season did: I am feeling confused and I know and understand exactly nothing.
We’ve got tons of time with Tyrell, they were probably trying to make up to us for not having him in any scenes this entire season. Tyrell is … Well, like Moriarty from Sherlock. He is completely and utterly insane, but the actor pictures all of those raw emotions beautifully. He has mood swings, he is good and he is bad and he has no limits whatsoever, but he still feels.  It is amazing.
Joanna figured out that Scott was the man who was sending her gifts. I don’t know why didn’t that ever occur to me. It makes perfect sense. When she confronts him, he starts beating her up, which was quite surprising. No character has limits in this show, even if they seem like they would. When Joanna’s new boyfriend asks her how can he “avenge” her, she thinks of a perfect plan. It seems like she wants him to lie that Scott was the one who killed his wife.
Darlene is alive, of course! But Cisco, apparently, isn’t. Dominique then spent an entire episode trying to “befriend” Darlene and get her to talk. Interesting … Dominique is always so close, she almost cracked Angela up couple of episodes back, but she is still not close enough. However, the FBI has a plan going on, for three months, and they have all of the connections written down – Darlene, Angela, Elliot, Tyrell, the entire fsociety (that includes Cisco, Mobley and so many others), but I don’t know what does that mean.
Elliot and Tyrell teamed up for a plan that Elliot constructed, but he doesn’t remember it. He doesn’t even know what is the plan about. It seems like they’ve arranged for bunch of E-corp files to go … Poof, missing. In order to do that, they decided to bomb down a building (and people in it). Elliot doesn’t agree with that, at which Tyrell shoots him, saying that he can’t let anyone stop the plan. It’s confusing, because Elliot didn’t believe such thing could happen, he started saying that Tyrell isn’t real and he was so convincing I started to believe the same. But … When Tyrell shoots him, Mr. Robot starts flickering and Elliot falls down.
At the end … Tyrell calls Angela and she assures him he is safe and she was expecting his call. He tells her these exact words:”I love him.” Who?! ELLIOT?
Don’t forget to watch the entire episode, there’s a small scene with Mobley and Trenton at the end (plus, Leon). It didn’t help me put the pieces together, but it shouldn’t be ignored.
The season finale didn’t bring us any answers, it just gave us tons of new unofficial theories and more confusing questions. It seems like that’s normal for Mr. Robot and it probably won’t stop. Ever.
All in all, it was a brilliant season finale and I am so sad it’s over. Now we have to wait for season 3 and we have to hope that things start making sense sooner or later …