Blue Bloods: (S07E01) "The Greater Good"

Blue Bloods starts with Danny having a nightmare. He wakes up and he is alone. His wife comes in and asks if he is going to work today. Danny says yes. She asks him if he is OK and he says yes.
At the office Erin walks in and greets a guy named Robert who is waiting for her. Robert says he was assigned to her brother’s case in the shooting of Mr. Wilder. Erin says Danny was cleared. It was self-defense. Robert says Mr. Wilder’s family is reopening the case and Danny’s innocence or guilt will be up to the grand jury.
Frank meets with the widow and son of a cop and explains the procedure to a special ceremony they are going to. The son is attending the police academy. The mom asks for a moment alone with Frank. She tells Frank that she is sure it will be a good ceremony. Her name is Grace. She says since her son Louis joined the force she hasn’t slept. Grace asks Frank to do whatever it takes to get Louis kicked out of the academy.
Next we see a family getting ready for a birthday party when the daughter Sophie is hit by a car. It doesn’t look good for her. Jamie and his partner get the call. Two guys were in the car that hit the pedestrian. Jamie asks where they were. They say at a fund raiser. The driver is a Congressman. Jamie asks if they were drinking. They refuse a blood alcohol test. Jamie says the Congressman will be arrested for driving with alcohol in his system.
Now Danny is telling his partner that his son is into zombies. His partner gets a call about a shooting at a restaurant. Someone comes up and tells Danny they are reopening the investigation into the shooting of Thomas Wilder. Danny offers up his badge and gun but the guy refuses to take them and tells Danny he can go on as usual.
At the restaurant, the owner Mr. Marino is dead. Witnesses include a father and son who work there. Both say they were in the bathroom and didn’t see anything. Danny’s partner is questioning the owner’s wife and asking if she knows about any problems. His wife says he was going to stop paying the protection money. The victim had part of his finger cut off as a warning. The guy who did it goes by the name of Round Face. Danny tracks him down and asks him if he knows Mr. Marino. Round Face says no. He also pleads ignorance of the Armenian mob and says Danny has nothing on him so he leaves and wishes Danny good luck with his investigation.
Frank is at home looking at his computer. His father comes in and asks if he wants a drink. Frank says he is working and doesn’t want a drink. His father says he is just staring at the screen. Frank asks his dad how he reacted after Jamie said he wanted to be a cop. His father says not good. Frank tells his father about the guy whose mom wants him to fail him out. His dad says that’s not up to Frank. His father tells him to just counsel the boy. Frank says that’s not what she wants.
Danny is in a meeting about the Thomas Wilder shooting. He says the guy had kidnapped his daughter. Robert talks about Danny’s past history. The meeting isn’t going well. Robert says they are there to see if the shooting was justified. They question Danny’s statement that he wanted Mr. Wilder dead. Robert asks Danny if he meant it. Danny says yes I meant it.
Danny goes to talk to Erin. Erin explains how this is going to work. The tapes will prove that he went into the woods with the intention to kill Mr. Wilder. Danny asks how Mr. Wilder can have the same rights as a decent citizen. Erin says that is the way it is. Danny says he would shoot Mr. Wilder all over again. Erin says he cannot go into the grand jury talking like that because he will be placed on trial for murder.
Meanwhile Nicky is on the witness stand and she is forced to admit some incriminating things Danny said. Nicky tries to defend her uncle Danny. Robert forces Nicky to admit that Danny said that Thomas Wilder would not walk out alive. Nicky says yes but it was in the heat of the moment. Nicky looks sick.
Danny is interrogating the young man who works at the restaurant. Danny says he refuses to believe him, his dad, and the entire staff of the restaurant were in the bathroom at the same time. The young man asks Danny if he knows what the Albanians do to people? He refuses to talk.
Jamie comes into the Congressman’s hospital room and says that the report shows his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. The guy with the Congressman says he was driving. He says that to protect the Congressman. He volunteers to take a blood alcohol test. Jamie says the victim’s family says the Congressman was driving.
Frank investigates Louis’s academy record and it is stellar. Frank asks if there is something in there that he can use to stop Louis from being a cop. Frank admits the mom asked him to do this.
Danny has looked at some footage and it shows that Round Face was pointing a gun at the young man. He tells the young man’s father about all this. The father says his son saw the restaurant owner’s finger cut off so he is scared and doesn’t want to say anything. Danny tells his father to call his son. He looks at his phone and he has a text message that says that rats get exterminated. The father begs Danny to save his boy.
Jamie and Eddie are talking about the Congressman driving drunk. Jamie wants to go look at the car.
Meanwhile, the young restaurant employee is being questioned by Round Face. Or should I say tortured?
Somehow Danny and his partner track down where they are except when they get there the place appears to be empty. Oh wait. One of the barrels is moving because the kid was shoved inside. Now we see the bad guys are hiding. Danny catches Round Face and asks where the kid is. He asks the man which barrel the kid is in. Danny finds the kid and drags him out. He is alive.
At the weekly family dinner, everyone is pretty quiet. Then Henry asks Danny how he hurt his hand. He says work injury. Jamie says it’s good Danny got a bad man off the streets. Danny says but at what personal cost. Nicky talks about how unpleasant it was to go through the grand jury trial. Frank tries to tell the family it is a big world out there and if any of them want to leave the force, they can. What they are doing is a choice.
Frank meets with Louis. Frank asks Louis why he wants to be a cop. Louis says he has always wanted to be a cop. Frank thinks it is just because his father was a cop. Louis asks if his mom put him up to this. At first Frank lies and says no and then he says yes. Louis thanks Frank for telling the truth. Louis talks about how he remembers his father being a cop when he was little. Then after his father died, he said the only man in his life with integrity was Frank. Louis is upset that Frank is now questioning him about the one thing he has always been sure of.
Danny is appearing at the grand jury and he is explaining that he takes every case personally. Danny goes through his thought process leading up to his shooting of Mr. Wilder. Danny asks if he can stand up. He demonstrates what happened that day and why he shot Mr. Wilder. Mr. Wilder was hiding his hands. At the time Danny knew he had kidnapped and murdered 22 innocent women. Mr. Wilder claims he has a gun behind his back. Danny asked Wilder to show him his hands but Wilder doesn’t. Danny admits he has no way to know whether Wilder had a gun or not. So, Danny had to shoot Wilder. The members of the grand jury look like they understand the situation better now. Donnie Wahlberg is exceptional in this scene.
Louis’s mom Grace goes to visit Frank. Frank tells Grace he found nothing to disqualify Louis from the force. Frank says he listened to Louis explain what he wanted. Frank says Louis is old enough to choose. Frank says he needs cops like Louis. Grace asks if it wasn’t enough that she lost her husband. Grace asks why Frank didn’t tell Louis that everyone hates cops now. Frank says Louis has his eyes wide open. Frank says Grace needs to see Louis for what he has become. Grace says “Great. Got it. Maybe he’ll even end up dead like his father. Go to hell Frank.” Hmmm…Not many people have the nerve to tell Frank to go to hell.
While the Congressman is speaking at an event Jamie and Eddie arrest him. They say they found his DNA on the driver side airbag.
Frank and Danny are at Joe’s grave. Frank tells Danny he is asking if he can take anymore. Frank tells Danny he can but the question is does Danny have anything to give back. That is the end of the episode.
It was a good first episode for the season. What did you think?