Chicago Med (S02E01): "Soul Care"

Chicago Med, NBC’s thrilling series began it’s second season with just the same drama viewers came to love Thursday night. “Soul Care” sent viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions for an hour, and we couldn’t have been happier for the show’s return.
Viewers jump right back into the daily lives of the doctors and nurses. It’s a fresh new day at the start of the episode which sends a perfect message for the season. Chicago Med is going to challenge TV; it is going to be what we love while paving it’s own path in a world where shows like Grey’s Anatomy are a common dinner table conversation.
In this season premiere, new and old characters repeatedly butt heads with one another. I’m curious to see how these points of tension will play out and change the dynamic of Chicago Med. New characters are also introduced, with their own set of quirks.
What I continually love about this show is that plots are always twisted to leave me on the edge of my seat and always wonder, what is going to happen next? No one patient or visitor – or even nurse, for that matter – is safe. We see this with the brutally touching storyline of the father who comes back to life in order to meet his new grandchild. The audience, along with the entire room of Med employees, is equally stunned.
I find it really interesting that Reese and Dr. Charles take to social media to discover the potential cause of Emmy’s possible suicide attempt. It is very real to society these days and is an important conversation to have through television.
The camerawork in Chicago Med is subtle but effective. Viewers easily get an idea of different character perspectives, but don’t feel distracted by the varying camera angles. With that said, the director did get creative, showing viewers perspectives from over the shoulder of wounded patients and above the Molly’s sign.
By the end of the episode, I like the fact that Dr. Manning may be  getting into a relationship, but I found the last scene almost cringeworthy. Something felt wrong, especially about the student doctor. Maybe he was just acting more like a gentleman than we’ve become accustomed too? Either way, viewers like myself are on the look out for the potential faults in this relationship as we try to protect our beloved Dr. Manning.
All in all, this season premiere got viewers excited for the rest of the series and reminded everyone just what made Chicago Med so special. Tune in Thursday nights on NBC to watch Chicago Med yourself, and experience the stories that make doctors (and viewers) realize that our worlds may not be perfect, but they are good.