Designated Survivor (S01E01) "Pilot"


What do you get when you mix Jack Bauer, Nikita, Delia, Karen Van Der Beek and Paul? An explosive hit, that’s what you get with Designated Survivor and you never get bored so much that things are escalating and fast.

This Wednesday we saw arriving on our small screen one of the most expected new tv series of this year aka Designated Survivor. This show does not waste any time, barely 10 minutes in and Mr. Tom KIRKMAN goes from a simple secretary of the enviroment to the President of The United States when he was chosen to be the Designated Survivor as in event of if something has to happen to the president, somebody is chosen to fulfill the responsibilities of Commander In Chief. A lot of people don’t think that Tom is the right man for the job and even him was doubting when him and his family got transfered to the White House after an explosion happened in the Capitol the night of the State of the Union when the President gave his speech on national television.

More you go deeper into the episode more things get sticky for Tom as when the entire staff of the White House isn’t thrilled that he has been nominated, the U.S. Army General whose plotting to take the matter in his own hands and beleives that he’s more capable than Tom to lead the country but the General is the least that Tom has to worry because according to Agent Hanna Wells this is just the beggining of major events.
This is gonna be a great tv show to watch and interesting on election time.
Designated Survivor airs every Wednesday at 10 pm on ABC and here’s the trailer for next episode: The First Day