Notorious (S01E01) "Pilot"

New seasons, new shows as all of our favorites are back on and new tv shows get our attentions. Lets get a close look to one of the newbies this season: Notorious even to be honest it’s not as good as  some people expected it to be. Spoiler Alert:

When Julia and Jake two old friends find each other at Julia’s network of the number one channel news they step into a case of a hit and run and the guilty is a major star in Hollywood who asked for Jake to help him in his case but things gets more complicated when Jake sleeps with his client’s wife and the wife ends up dead at the end of the episode which is gonna lead to a lot of problems.
The entire episode was enjoyable not that much but it’s just the pilot and I’m expecting for the show to grow in deepth and intensity. All the characters looks so interesting from Julia  who’s kind of the cool and successful boss, she knows exactly how to run her network and is very resourceful to Bradley who’s an attorney and owns and works with his brother in a cabinet really awesome, serious but great. I can’t say much about it I’m waiting to see more to give a complete opinion about it except that the cast looks really good and this show has a lot of potential.

Tune in next Tuesday at 9 pm to see more about it
.Trailer for Next Episode “The Perp Walk”

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