Pitch: (S01E01) "Pilot"

“Ginny Baker takes the field” I can honestly say I cringed when I heard this. I was so nervous, scared, hopeful, curious, too many emotions to describe how I felt about Ginny Baker played by the very talented and gorgeous (Kylie Bunbury) taking the field, after the first time was a complete disaster.
We are introduced to Ginny Baker as an idol in a sort of way. They idolize Ginny being the first woman and promote her to give hope to other women and girls. This interferes with Ginny’s game, we don’t realize this until Lawson points it out, but the pressure of her feeling like she’s going to let kids and women down puts Ginny off her game.Ginny went through a moment where every pitch was off, too low, too high, too far to the left. Nothing was going right and so Ginny asked to be removed from the game. After a pep talk “we ain’t done nothing yet” and a little after game practice from her dad who later in the episode we find out died in a car accident before she made it to the Major League and we have just been seeing her talk to his spirit, helps her with her game.
At least we think, Ginny takes the field for the second time and at first her pitches are still going wrong, but don’t worry because Mike Lawson played by the one and only handsome (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) comes out on the mount and gives Ginny a little one on one talk, letting her know that she needs to play the game for herself, not anyone else. Which was just what she needed to hear, because Ginny BLEW my mind. There is a smile on my face, joy in my heart, my hands clapping as if I am at the game, in the stands and a piece of me too anxious to see what is to come of No. 43 Ginny Baker the first female pitcher in the Major Leagues.
I can already tell there will be crying, laughing, and a few no-no words and I can hardly wait!! Pitch is truly an AMAZING, PITCHFAST show and if you are up in the air, debating about this show, watch the first episode. I promise it will seal the deal for you. The only thing I can see interfering with this show is Thursday night football, however there is no reason for you NOT to watch Pitch! I’m not sure how I will get any work done with all these shows to watch! The writers have truly outdone themselves with the cast, the storyline, and the graphics. Now I have to impatiently wait for next Thursday.
Rating: 7.5/10