Rob Zombie 31

31 is the lastest film by writer and director Rob Zombie . Much like his other films this film pretty much keeps up with the same style of film making he did in the past like House of A 1000 Corpses and Devil Rejects.
The film starts out in black and white with the killer known as Doomhead addressing the person who he torching about what he going to before he kill him. After he kills the guy the film switches to color were we are introduce to the group of carnival workers on there way to there next job traveling in there Rv. While there traveling the group comes to this roadblock were they are attack some are killed while others are captured and put in this game called 31.
How the game 31 is setup is our lucky survivors that of are captured have to survive 12 hours without being killed and if they do that they are told they will be let go by the people running the game.
One thing I do have to say I like about this film is how raw it feels along with the awesome night shots with the lighten effect. The film mainly take place at night and there are some pretty good night shots Rob Zombie captured while shooting this film.
Now the film main star is Rob Zombie wife Sheri Moon Zombie who has been in just about everything Rob Zombie has done and this film she plays a character by the name of Charly. Her performance is pretty good maybe not as good as it was when she played Micheal Myers mother in Rob version of Halloween but that mainly because in that film she was playing a struggling mother trying to do the best to provide for her family here she playing sort of a free spirit person that turn into ruthless killer heroine.
As for the killers in this film all of them are German neo nazi crowns pretty much. the best killer is probably Doomhead played by Richard Brake. His character come across as a very crazy killer who knows what he good at and show no remorse on killing anyone he told to kill.
The movie 31 is not for everyone.31 is a film for Rob Zombie fans pretty much and if your a fan of his work you will probably enjoy this film but if you don’t like his work this film probably won’t change your mind.The film dose have a good pacing to it along with some crazy killers but if I had to say the biggest thing that the film lack is a good ending. The film ending could be considered a ambiguous one but I feel if Rob thinking of a sequel he could have done something different for the ending.
Overall I did enjoy 31 more than I thought I would while film lack a proper ending the film dose make up for it with some gruesome kills and Richard Blake performance as Doomhead.
Over all I would give the film 31
3 out 5