Van Helsing (S01E01): "Help Me"

In this 1st episode we see that the world has fallen to ruin and by ruin I mean apocalypse! The vampires have taken over and all that stands in their way are a group of survivors and a woman who apparently has superpowers.
In the episode: We see three vampires who have broken into the secret facility a group of humans are sworn to protect. The vampires see a woman sleeping on a slap thinking its a free meal they bite into the woman who ends up being Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton). Vanessa wakes up in a murderous rage by slitting the throat of one of the vampires, the second vampire is choking on his own blood, and the third vampire is being stabbed one thousand times by Vanessa.
We are then taken 6hrs earlier to meet the group Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) who at the moment is giving blood to vampire Doc (Rukiya Bernard) but has to stop giving her blood when she tried drinking him dry, Axel then has to let in the other group members who were on a run with John (David Cubitt), Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl), Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro), Nicole (Alison Wandzura), and Ted (Tim Guinee). But not before the vampires try getting into the facility where the whole group has to shoot down the vampires and fight them off with their silver guns and bullets.
When Vanessa meets the group they are demanding to know more about her, but all she wants to do is find her daughter Dylan (Hannah Cheramy) but the group doesn’t want her to be allowed to find her. But Ted understands the importance of Vanessa and tries helping her escape. Axel then tries to stop Ted but realizes that Ted has betrayed the group and the two of them get into a fight while Vanessa runs for the roof.
Vanessa and Ted get into a fight which then leads to the group at gun point with Vanessa held hostage. Vanessa breaks free and Ted stabs her with a knife to the hand; Vanessa does a back stab with the knife to the hand to Ted’s head through his eye. Ted lies on the roof dead as Vanessa pulls the knife out of her hand to reveal that she has superpowers with an incredible healing factor.
At the end of the episode Vanessa is trying to understand how she acquired these  powers. The ex-vampire whose now human who bit into Vanessa wakes out of the garbage pit and the group demands answers.