Z Nation (S03E02) "A New Mission"

Review: Z Nation is one of those series you can’t get enough of. The storyline is entertained and the characters are brilliant. In this brand new amazing episode we get all the answers we were waiting for and meet new characters. It has the perfect combination of humour, action, and sad moments. It’s a must watch!

Quick recap

It starts right after last season final, Murphy escapes from the submarine with Dr. Merch, the captain, three soldiers and 10K. Yay, 10K is alive! Well, “alive”, later we find out he was bitten by Murphy, who’s planning to start a new age: the age of blends, so I’m pretty sure he’s gonna try to bite everyone he finds.

Citizen Z and Pup are alive and in good hands. They are found by a girl called Kaya, who took them to her home, where she lives with her Nanna and Uncle Kaskae. She admits to be a huge fan of Citizen Z, and says she has listened all his broadcasts since day one.

Meanwhile, the team is captured by a Chinese military faction but they won’t remain as prisoners for long. This new group is interested in finding the Murphy and they have been keeping an eye on Operation Bite-Mark for a while, their mission is the same as everyone else: use Murphy’s blood to make a vaccine. While they’re heading toward the location where they are supposed to find supplies they are attacked by Z’s and some crazy humans called “the enders”, all the Chinese soldiers die, but the scientist is alive. To make things worse, their supplies have been taken by Murphy, who shows up at last minute to ask them to join him in his new mission. Warren tries to bring him to his sense but it’s impossible.

Murphy runs away with all the supplies. Warren states a new mission: to stop Murphy from creating a race of blends. In the remaining minutes we see The Man on his new mission: find Murphy.

Personal view.

I‘m really curious of what’s gonna happen next. In my view, we’ll see a confrontation between three main fronts: Murphy, the team, and The Man.

Will Murphy be able to create his new race of blenders? Who knows. Will Warren be able to stop him? I hope so. What’s gonna happen to 10K? I hope he doesn’t suffer the same fate as Cassandra. Where is Lucy? The list of questions goes on, we’ll have to keep watching.