Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E01): "Coral Palms pt. 1"

Review: Previously on B99, Holt and Jake became Greg and Larry. After being threatened by an on the loose Jimmy “the Butcher” Figgis, Holt and Jake were forced to go into witness protection to keep their loved ones safe. 
When the season premiere starts, Holt and Jake are still in Florida, adjusting to life as neighbors Greg and Larry in the suburbs. Holt has found a few nice old ladies to power walk through the neighborhood with, while Jake has been a little depressed, crying in his jacuzzi and eating soggy burritos. 
But not anymore, as Jake found a job selling ATV quads! Holt is excited for him, because a new job will help him adjust like Holt has. Holt is even applying for a promotion at his own job, hoping for a position as assistant manager. Where? At the most un-Holt-like place you could imagine, namely the Fun Zone! And asking for that promotion is the first thing Holt does when he walks in. However, his boss, Taylor, – played by Andy Samberg’s fellow ‘The Lonely Island’ member Jorma Taccone – doesn’t really think he’s all that right for the job. To him, Holt/Greg just doesn’t seem fit to be a leader. He agrees that Holt/Greg is a hard worker, “when he’s not totally blazed”. As Greg, Holt’s stony demeanor is actually more the demeanor of a stoner. But Taylor says he’ll think about it. 
Holt and Jake’s only connection to their former lives is Karen Haas, a U.S. Marshall played by the fantastic Maya Rudolph. Haas meets up with them on a parking lot for the weekly check-up. After going through some minor difficulties – Jake has trouble with Larry’s favorite movie not being ‘Die Hard’ – Haas informs them that Figgis still hasn’t been found and that Jake and Holt are going to have to stay in Florida indefinitely. 
To Holt’s surprise, Jake is completely “squir-tainly” okay with this, because his job keeps him focused. To no one’s surprise, Jake’s “job” is still investigating Figgis behind Holt’s back. And instead of going to the ATV store, we see him going to a storage facility where he’s rented a storage unit for all of his investigating. Complete with a lovely picture of Amy! I think I might have missed her just as much as Jake. 
But Holt is onto him and follows him to the storage unit and the next time Jake arrives there, he finds Holt waiting for him and all of his stuff gone. Jake defends himself, claiming that the feds aren’t doing enough to catch Figgis. He’s going nuts in this town and he just wants to get back to New York. But Holt’s not convinced and feels like Jake’s being selfish by putting them at risk like this. He tells Jake to snap out of it and get a job… 
Which Jake/Larry does by becoming assistant manager at the Fun Zone! Oh, how the tables have turned! Jake/Larry gives a grand speech in front of the entire staff, doling out nicknames and blaming his old boss for being a “real stickler” who once stole all his stuff. However, his old boss did motivate him to get off his ass and get this job, so in a way, he does have him to thank for this lofty position as assistant manager/Greg’s new boss! Holt/Greg is understandably not too happy about this. He confronts Jake and Jake promises to make his life miserable until he gets his files back. 
Jake enlists Holt as the birthday DJ at a kid’s birthday party, the miniature golf course cleaner and Fun Zone promoter in a hot dog costume! While Holt in a hot dog costume is surely the greatest thing I have ever seen, it completely backfires when this ends up endangering them when they become the subject of a viral video!
Jake and Holt now have a new problem to deal with, forcing them to work together. They track down the lady who recorded them – with a little help from her tattoo of Jesus punching Bin Laden in the nuts and her class ring – and try to convince her to delete the video. The lady hasn’t uploaded the video yet because she’s blown through her data watching too much porn, but she’s planning on uploading it at her cousin’s wedding the next day. Jake tries to make a deal and she agrees to meet up with them later that night at the Fun Zone. 
Later, Jake shows up with a briefcase of what “appears” to be $ 15,000, but what’s really a bunch of $20 bills wrapped around a pile of coupons. While Jake is not counting on the lady to actually count the money, Holt’s not too convinced Jake’s plan will work out in their favor. The lady gives Jake her phone so he can delete the video, but before he can, she catches on to Jake’s plan and takes it back, now even more determined to upload that video. 
After she leaves, Holt yells at Jake for making things worse and probably blowing their cover and for not just accepting that they’re now stuck in Florida. But Jake tells him that he’s swapped the phones and that they have the video. Holt looks like he regrets yelling at Jake, but it’s already too late. 
The next day, Holt/Greg has been promoted to assistant manager. While Taylor is happy about his promotion, he makes Holt/Greg promise to lay off the drugs. Holt/Greg promises he’ll try and Taylor assures him that if he keeps at it, he’ll genuinely be night manager in two to three years. Awesome! Not so much, though, as reality finally sinks in for Holt. The thought of spending two to three years at the Fun Zone and Florida snaps him right out of it and he immediately heads back to the ATV store to convince Jake to start investigating Figgis again. 
They head to the storage unit, where Holt has returned all of Jake’s files. Holt informs Jake that he has a new idea: they’re going to lure Figgis to them! And what’s the best way to make yourself bait for a mobster who will probably kill you? By going viral!