Gotham (S0301) "Better to Reign in Hell…"

The flourish “Gotham” brings to its characters (heroes and villains) and stories is what distinguishes itself from the other superhero shows saturating televisions, like “Agents of SHIELD”. The series works best when it takes all the aspects of earlier adaptations of the Batman mythos, or any forgotten relic of DC Comics, that people tend to scoff at and mock, and taken them 100% seriously to their most operatic ends. The fandom clamored for the show’s outlandish antics and banter between the characters especially after the craziness that went down in last season’s finale, which is why the show decided to turn up those elements. The notes from critics of the show, mainly during the first season, was nothing new came from the characters and their origins. The work done during the second season quickly assuage those criticisms, through memorable characters like Jerome and Hugo Strange, and making the show much madder. Can Season 3 possibly top it?
Watchable madness is the best way to describe “Gotham’s” third season première considering we have Jim Gordon embracing all his inner anti-hero tendencies he’s been fighting for the past two seasons, which is what will make this season enjoyable. The world the show has built has finally been established and the writers, along with the viewers, can enjoy the anarchy that is “Mad World”, the subtitle for this season. The cast, from the looks of it, is taking full advantage of all this upside down world.
A promise made this episode is that this season has no rules. Leslie Thompkins, the heart and soul that grounded this show, is now gone and off making kissy faces with a guy (played by James Carpinello) who is not Jim Gordon. This being Gotham, that sends Jim Gordon down a spiral. That spiral began six months before this new Gotham City that consists of all sorts of new monsters and troubles. The season is already filled with moments that make this season a dark mirror for each character, like having Ivy Pepper at the mercy of reborn Fish Mooney which will soon lead to her advertised rapid aging. Both Quicksilvers don’t have anything on the live action speedster introduced along with seeming Killer Croc and a man who could very well be a pre-cursor to Man-Bat, a possible seed for a future invasion of Man-Bats, and a handful of other nameless but equally colorful new baddies to cause trouble for bounty hunter, former cop Jim Gordon.
The event that will have people chatting is the episode-ending kidnapping of Bruce. The ripples from the Court of Owls abducting Bruce Wayne will no doubt bring many twists to this season. The direction each character starts on in this season’s première episode, including the blossoming bromance between Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma, highlights the madness Gotham causes in its citizens. A viewer watching all of this would think they were in some far off place like Wonderland, making it the perfect time to introduce Mad Hatter. The sexiness, perverse as it is, of this new world intrigues me to find out more about the new rules of this dark world and how our heroes can possibly save themselves.
The moments that captured the most headlines last season, mostly the introductions of famous Batman villains and the city’s more outlandish aspects, makes up the entire première which leads me to believe that this season will get even crazier yet. The territory explored (ie Gordon at his Dark Knightiest) has me excited to explore this new season, which makes me hopeful this season will be the best season. “Gotham” has gone mad. You best hold on tight for this.