MacGyver: (S01E01) "The Rising"

A few of the new fall season prime time shows are “borrowing” from some serious classics. I am unsure of the entire thought process behind this but one of the reasons is probably to make these characters more appealing to my generation aka millennials.
For those who didn’t have parents who let them watch reruns of these shows, these characters are somewhat new and fresh and come with no history for them whatsoever. For me, millennials like me, and the older generations these shows are standing on the shoulders of giants and attempting to build on the old model. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of effort to build and very little effort to tarnish. 
Needless to say, this is why I was apprehensive when thinking about whether or not I will be watching this new MacGyver. I decided to give it a shot because I think television definitely needs more heroes who rely on their intelligence rather than on just pure brawn…and guns. 
The show started out well enough, with MacGyver introducing the team and himself. He touted his many science fair adventures and that made me smile…because #nerdlove. Within the first 5 to 10 minutes of the show a member of the team is assassinated and MacGyver is injured. Flash forward a few months and the audience meets MacGyver’s comic relief roomie and while watching MacGyver shower the audience is given a brief insight into his state of mind. He’s hurting. The team member that was assassinated…he was romantically involved with her.
But at some point the show does have to move on so after his shower MacGyver’s boss shows up with a new mission for him that, surprise surprise, ties into his last mission. A new team member is needed so they break out a sassy hacker from prison to round off the team.
All seems to be going well with the mission…plans made…plans put into action…etc. But then…a twist! The team member that was assassinated…not quite dead. Turns out she betrayed them. SHe tried to argue it was for ideological purposes but MacGyver, not to be fooled twice, wasn’t quite buying what she was selling. After some MacGyver shenanigans with a swiss army knife and lots of green wires the mission was completed successfully and the former team member was arrested. While contemplating names for the new team, the old team member escaped custody, using a trick Macgyver taught her; cue season arc. 
On a scale of hell no to  damn good I’m going to give this episode a meh. It wasn’t as captivating as MacGyver episodes should be, though they did try. I’m hopeful that as new characters are introduced and new missions are embarked upon the show will find a groove. Until then…meh.