This Is Us (S01E01) "Pilot"

It was one of the most viewed trailer for a new show this season. “This Is Us” has finally premiered and from what critics and others have said about it, it’s worth watching.
The story surrounds three pairs, a married couple that are about to become parents to triplets, a TV star brother and his overweight sister and a son that’s looking for his biological father. Each struggle with life’s challenges with the good, bad and the ugly. But these three are connected in a way and that’s the most brilliant secret in this pilot.
Let’s start with the married couple: Jack and Rebecca. They look to be the happiest couple in the world. They’re also expecting twins and when it’s Jack’s birthday the kids are ready to be born. As they are waiting for meet their doctor, they get another one, Dr. Katowsky, as the other one is having his own surgery. Jack seems so optimistic about everything that he doesn’t take to listen to Dr. K about the possibilities of something going south. During the birth as the first child is out (a boy) things take a turn for the worst and the doctor boots Jack out to do his thing. When Dr. K comes out, he walks to Jack with a long look of sadness and tells him first that Rebecca is fine and resting and got the second baby out too, but the third child didn’t make it as it was stillborn. Jack is in shock and kept asking about his wife. Dr. K repeats what happen and also sat down with him and gave him a nice chat.
The brother and sister: Kevin and Kate: Kevin is a TV star in what happens to be the biggest series on television and yet it seems like the stupidest series on television called The Manny. Not only does he turn 36 but he reflects on his life and what he was doing. He felt the series wasn’t doing him anything good expect making him look sexy. So after doing one great dramatic take, the writer wanted him to do a lighter take with his shirt off and soon Kevin blows and it’s the internet quick.
Kate is Kevin’s twin sister and she’s having trouble with weight problem. She’s joined a weight watchers type of program where they talk about their struggles. There she meets with Toby, another overweight person, who happens to like her and the two go out. But soon she’s happy being around him and after Kevin kind of ruin part of the night it was still a great night.
And for Randell: It’s also his birthday too, 36, and he’s the boss of a major corporation. He soon gets an email about his biological father and that he’s alive. He talks to his wife as they watch their two daughters playing soccer about it. He may not want to meet him at first but he does and at first gives him the “I’m Randell your biological son and you left me at the fire station 36 years ago” etc. After his father ask if he wanted to come in and he does and soon brings him to his home to meet the kids and his wife. Later on, Randell learns that his father is dying and doesn’t have a lot of time so he offered or should I say make him stay with them for awhile.
Now, since I’ve been waiting until now to write this, I think I can actually tell what the big twist of this story is so no one can yell at me about spoiling it. In fact, the connect between all of these characters is, they’re one family. Jack and Rebecca are the mother and father to Kevin, Kate and Randell.
It’s literally one of the most beautiful structured pilot I’ve seen on television. Dan Fogelman has really done something special with this and I can’t wait to see what comes in future episodes It does have that feel of “Parenthood” with that realistic-raw emotional feel that’ll either make you feel sad, good or maybe hating (someone who’d watched it with me didn’t quite like how Kate acts with Toby and Kevin about her weight).
The cast is astonishing as each play to a great amount of emotion and humor. The one person I would say that stole the entire pilot is not even a cast member, but a guest star as it’s the man who played Dr. Katowsky (Gerald McRaney) as he gave a tremendous performance in scenes with Rebecca and Jack but also with Jack after the babies were born.
What did you think of the pilot of This Is Us? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Leave a comment.
You can catch “This Is Us” Tuesdays at 10/9c (soon to be moving to 9/8c on Oct. 11) on NBC.