Van Helsing (S01E02) "Seen You"

Okay so this is the second episode of the 2 episode season premiere that happened last night! I have to say from what I’ve seen of these two episodes we can be very promised with an epic and strong cast that will deliver with major ass kicking through each episode or at least for future episodes. I did like how they did this episode though revealing how the apocalypse came to be!
In this episode: (Years before the Apocalypse began) We see Vanessa (Kelly Overton) donating her blood at a nearby clinic in a hospital (note: the same hospital that was revealed in episode 1 as the groups base). After donating blood she grabs her daughter Dylan (Hannah Cheramy) and goes to drive back to her place. At the hospital theres a vampire waiting for the nurse to set out the new donated blood that the vampire plans on stealing to give to his boss Dimitri (Paul Johansson). When the vampire decides to try some of the new blood that was donated he drinks only a small portion and begins the retransformation back to human. When the ex-vampire delivers the blood to Dimitri, he and his right hand woman Rebecca (Laura Mennel) sense something is deferent with the delivery boy. Its not long before Dimitri figures it out that his delivery boy has been turned back to human and demands to know whose blood he had drank. The delivery boy didn’t know whose blood it was, so Dimitri has his vampire children rip the delivery boy apart and orders Rebecca to hunt down and kill the donor that can ruin his whole big plan.
Meanwhile back in Vanessa’s apartment building; Vanessa and Dylan are just about to get back into their apartment when Vanessa hears what sounds like beating happening across the hall. When the door opens an outraged Tommy (Aaron Hutchinson) walks out of the apartment and begins down the hall, Vanessa looks at her best friend Susan (Hilary Jardine) had bruises from the punches she received from Tommy. Vanessa stops Tommy and gives him a threat, if he ever did something like that to Susan again Vanessa will do something about him next time. Vanessa then takes her daughter Dylan and they go into their apartment. Vanessa then brings Dylan her birthday cake, they make some jokes and share some laughs until Dylan’s father calls. When Dylan realizes her father has been cheating on her own mother by seeing some womans purse in the background of the Skype chat; Dylan chooses to hide in the closet while Vanessa talks to her cheating husband. When the discussion ends Vanessa sees someone standing in the door way thinking its Tommy, she was ready to kick some ass.
The vampire throws Vanessa around while Vanessa tries fighting back with at first her fist and then with a knife but still ends up getting thrown around. Dylan then comes out of the closet, the vampire then sees Dylan but Vanessa jumps on top of the  vampire beating him up until the vampire throws her off and drags her away starts ripping her apart in front of Dylan. But then the vampire feels something is wrong and starts converting back to human and runs out of the apartment. Dylan crying thinking shes witnessing her mom’s last moments of life begs for her to not close her eyes but Vanessa feeling so tired closes her eyes. When Vanessa’s body is brought into the morgue, the doctor Doc (Rukiya Bernard) notices that theres no sign of any attack marks on her, so slit openings or anything everything had been healed. Doc then takes a look at the blood work and realizing the blood reveals living cells as if the body had never died. She sends over a sample of the blood to her colleague who calls in the army. A group of army soldiers are to escort Doc to her lab to take the body and Doc until a major volcanic collapse has happened at Yellowstone destroying all of the National Park and blackening the entire city. Once the smoke clears Doc sees vampires ripping apart and drinking the blood of innocent victims. One victim who was only bitten by the vampires was brought near the hospital lab where Doc and the soldiers were. The mission changes Doc and the soldiers are to protect the body (Vanessa’s body) from any intruders. They clear the building of all vampires.
3 years have passed and the solders and Doc are still there protecting Vanessa’s body from any intruders. One of the soldiers decides they need to go out for supplies so they tell Doc to stay near the door until everything is clear. The vampires knew they were coming and ripped apart all of the soldiers which ends up having one of them bite Doc in the arm. Doc returns to the other soldiers, they try helping Doc but end up failing to help her. With Doc at first tied down she turns into a vampire!
Ratings: 18-49 demo-0.36; Viewers-1.237