HTGAWM (S03E01): "We're Good People Now"

Review: Previously on HTGAWM, everyone’s still a murderer or somehow involved with one! Most recently Wes, who found out Wallace Mahoney – the creepy guy who was the dad of Annalise’s client and who Wes/Christophe’s mom worked for – is his biological dad and then saw him get shot right in front of him! Additionally, hot Caleb killed himself, Oliver cancelled Connor’s Stanford application so they could stay right in the middle of all this murder business, Frank left everything and everyone behind, and Bonnie told Annalise that then floppy-haired Frank played a part in the car accident that made Annalise lose her baby and that this gave Sam the leverage to get no-longer-floppy-haired Frank to kill Sam’s mistress Lyla years later. And, also, Michaela and Asher are totally a thing, while Wes and Laurel *should* be thing. And that’s what you missed on Glee– err, HTGAWM. 
The season premiere starts off with someone on a gurney. It’s presumably Wallace Mahoney, but we don’t see this person’s face so I’m guessing this is actually our first look at this season’s flash forward mystery event! There’s a gurney and people taking pictures and the EMT asking people to show a little respect. 
Annalise/Wes: Wes lies to the cops about Wallace, claiming that he was just asking for directions instead of dropping an “I am your son” bomb on him right before he got shot. The officers also don’t seem to believe it. But when they ask him if the person on the other end of the line with Wallace will verify he was asking for directions, Wes says “of course”. He leaves the police station looking every bit as questionable as the story he just told them. Annalise picks him up from the station and takes him to the woods so they can literally scream their lungs out as a form of free therapy. It’s also revealed that Frank drove Wes to New York to confront Wallace and that Frank then shot him, using Wes to get to Annalise. Throughout the episode, there are a few very nice Wes/Annalise moments that make it obvious they’re in a much better place than last season, now that everything is out in the open.
The Keating Five: Annalise is teaching a new class, a Criminal Law Legal Clinic, where the students get to be who they’ve always wanted to be: Annalise herself. What does that entail? Certainly not what the flyers all over the campus say, namely that Annalise is a killer! Looks like someone on campus doesn’t like all this murder business surrounding Annalise. Annalise’s response, though? “I’ve been called worse.” And “At least they chose a good photo.” But she still reassures the students and tells them that they’re safe. Why? Because “we’re good people now”. As long as they keep telling themselves that, I guess. The Keating Five don’t look all that convinced. Neither do I.
But, more importantly, everyone’s got a new hair cut and there’s a new snobby guy called (Tim) Drake (not-the-rapper) who can’t help but point out that the Keating Five were only handpicked for the legal clinic because Annalise is teaching the class. Which… is probably true. The legal clinic itself is pro bono, which means they’ll only represent people who can’t afford their own lawyer. The students will all get to compete for First and Second Chair and therefore present the case before the judge. Hopefully this won’t end up with a trophy used to bash in someone’s head! 
The first case is that of a guy called Karim Assaf, a refugee from Iraq who moved to the US with his two children ten years ago. Two years ago, he was arrested for a drug charge – he pled guilty to possession with the intention to distribute marihuana –  and now he’s in danger of being deported. It’s up to the students to prevent this from happening. Wes gets First Chair to no one’s surprise and Drake (not-the-rapper) gets Second Chair. There’s a twist, of course. The guy’s daughter is actually the one who was dealing marihuana. But Assaf is determined to protect her. The students’ efforts aren’t enough and despite Assaf’s honesty and integrity, the judge still decides to deport him.
Annalise/Nate/Frank/Bonnie: Frank gets a buzz cut and loses the beard and somehow looks like a completely different person but also very very sexy and even more dangerous at the same time? He goes MIA though so we don’t get to enjoy his new look for all that long. Meanwhile, Annalise ignores Bonnie as she usually does and checks her messages on her super secret phone hidden in a jewelry box. She’s using it to communicate with a mystery person who may or may not be Frank and the mystery texter tells her he has a reliable lead he’s pursuing. Additionally, she lets Nate rub her feet without his shirt on because who wouldn’t? And Nate also continues to be super sweet and supportive and better than everyone on this show.
Later, Bonnie asks Annalise about the flyers and if Frank’s the one putting them up. When Annalise denies this, she asks if it’s because he’s dead. Bonnie says that Frank could destroy them all if he wanted. But Annalise blames everything on Sam, as he’s the one that made her hire Frank in the first place. And she’s not a killer, nor does she want Frank to turn her into one.
The flashbacks: In May, Annalise wore a red, flannel shirt as she was working in her garden, as Laurel came to see her to let her know she was going to Mexico for the summer to visit her mom. Without Frank. Laurel defends herself to Annalise, saying that she can’t forgive Frank for what he did to Wes and that she doesn’t deserve Annalise’s misplaced anger. Annalise lets her know that there’s no gray area in this war between her and Frank. Laurel’s either with her or with buzz cut!Frank! But, rest assured, Frank is totally dead to her and Annalise is totally getting tequila as a souvenir.
In June, Connor was lying on a lounger in a kiddie pool on a rooftop, reading James Baldwin and getting a much needed tan after all that murdering on behalf of Annalise, when Annalise came to visit him. Annalise dips her feet into his kiddie pool and they have a nice little chat. Like the others, Connor is having trouble getting past the events of season 2 and his Stanford rejection. He asks Annalise to promise him to say no to Oliver when he asks her for a job. Annalise complies, saying Oliver’s never going to work for her because they’ll ruin him. Apparently Annalise’s word doesn’t mean much, as we see later.
The July flashback is about Asher, who’s poor and broke for the first time in his life. His mom has cut him off after his father’s suicide and he’s looking for a loan. Annalise laughs in his face and tells him to get a job. He blames Annalise for him being in this position, given Annalise’s involvement in that whole suicide thing.  
The first August flashback goes to Michaela, who almost got arrested after presumably driving drunk. Annalise picks her up and scolds her for her behavior, but Michaela’s not hearing it. She can’t go back to being normal. Annalise tells her that she wasn’t normal to begin with and that she was strong enough to get away from a bad family, so she’s strong enough to get through this. And, also, next time she wants to get drunk, give Annalise a call so they can get drunk in the comfort of Annalise’s home. A+ teaching/parenting.
The second August flashback is about Annalise, as she meets up with the new president of the university. The new president tells her that she’s an admirer of Annalise’s work, but that Annalise can no longer teach her own class, because this year’s Keating Five did much, much worse than the Keating Five students before that. Must be all that murder business affecting the reputation of the Keating Five. Annalise tries to convince the president to let her teach a new class, which ends up being the new legal clinic.
Wes/Laurel/Frank: Nobody’s answering Laurel’s calls or texting her back. Not buzz cut!Frank, who’s too busy sporting a hot, new look. And not Wes, who spends the entire episode trying to stay as far away from Laurel as he can. Until Laurel shows up at his apartment and he opens the door without his shirt on. And while this is very nice, Laurel really just wants a text back, okay? But that’s just too much for Wes. Not that he doesn’t want to text her or talk to her and hold her hand and whisper sweet nothings in her ear, but there’s this thing where all he sees when he looks at her is Frank because Frank killed his bio dad and there’s angst and longing and I love it but I really need Wes/Laurel to happen at one point. Oh and also, Wes has a new girlfriend, Meggy, with gorgeous hair, who interrupts them right after they have a moment and it’s not awkward at all. Except that Laurel and Wes look so guilty they might as well have made out anyway. And we learn from Meggy, the hugger-not-handshaker with the gorgeous hair, that Laurel is not just Laurel but THE Laurel who Wes apparently talks about ALL THE TIME. Oh, Meggy, this is not going to end well for you. 
Michaela/Asher: Asher’s new job? STD expert! And Asher/Michaela is still a thing. She was on top of him with her perfect boobs, was more than inspired by one of his ideas and borrowed it to get First Chair in Annalise’s case, and I’m kind of digging it? I don’t know why but it kind of works.
Connor/Oliver: Sweet, precious “only character who’s not a murderer” Oliver asks Annalise for a job and confesses that he deleted Connor’s acceptance e-mail from Stanford and that he’s more than capable of hacking into her computer. Annalise decides to hire him as a way to keep him busy and tells Connor what Oliver did. When Connor confronts Oliver, he admits to everything and Connor immediately forgives him. Which is sweet. But then they argue about how much they love each other but apparently this isn’t a good thing because it made Oliver a liar and suddenly this leads to Oliver realizing that he doesn’t know who he is anymore so he needs to be alone for a while. And then they break up and I start weeping.
The end: Eventually, Annalise checks her super secret phone again and we find out that the mysterious texter is someone Annalise has hired to find Frank. And right when he has and asks her to confirm over the phone whether she wants Frank gone, Annalise chooses that moment to freak out and start having second thoughts. Which is enough time for buzz cut!Frank to find the guy himself and choke him to death.
We end the episode with the same scene at the beginning of the gurney and the ambulance. But now we learn that the scene is set two months later. This time, we see Annalise rushing to the gurney and asking to see the body/wooden dummy. Though the identity of the body is not revealed to us, it’s obviously someone close to Annalise, as she sobs and screams violently and we see that all of this is taking place right in front of her burning house, that’s now being hosed down by fire fighters. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!