Once Upon A Time: (S06E01) “The Savior”

The series’ season 6 opened with a flashback of Aladdin as “the savior”. Aladdin was a thief with honor. He always give and help people thus, becoming the savior. Aladdin was already weak when Jafar, Aladdin’s villain, came and told him that becoming a hero made him come apart. It’s the fate of the saviors as Jafar called it. This flashback connects to what is happening to Emma. She’s experiencing tremors which were believed came from being the savior for years without a break. As a result of this, Emma was able to see her future as the savior, which is death. Well, it’s true that you can change your path to the destination but your destination is the same because, eventually, all people will die. It’s just a matter of how well do you live your life.
Meanwhile, Gold handover Storybrooke to Mr. Hyde in exchange for an information on how to wake Belle. Mr. Gold went to a place called Temple of Morpheus that will allow him to walk in Belle’s dreams. In that place, he found out that Belle still looked at him as the beast, Rumplestiltskin. He only have an hour to wake Belle and his plan was to make her fall in love with him again and his true love’s kiss will wake her but it didn’t work. It turned out that Belle’s true love’s kiss was her future child whom Rumple met. Actually, for me, this part was right for the story. It seemed fitting that their future child is her true love. After all the trust Belle gave to Rumple, he didn’t change. Belle gave him so many chances to change but he always lie to her. No matter how much you love a person, there will come a time that the love that blinded you will be gone and you will just have to move on. You cannot stay in a relationship without trust. I just don’t know if this is the writers’ way of dragging RumBelle’s story.
Regina and Zelena deal with Hades’ and Robin’s death. Regina had a hard time facing Zelena because she lost Roland’s gift, which was one of Robin’s arrow, and she also blamed her for Robin’s death. Furthermore, Zelena sulked Regina because when she decided to ripped out the evil queen part of her, she ran to Snow White instead of her. She hated that Regina ripped out the part of her that was most like her.
Due to Regina’s separation with the Evil Queen, she doubted her capability to fight. She didn’t know if she’ll still have strong power. By the way, did anyone else noticed the change of color of her power from violet to red? This is one indication of Regina’s individuality from the Evil Queen.
I love the scene with Snow White and Regina reflecting to their past. Regina talking about how awful stepmother she was to Snow. But, Snow turned this circumstances to stay alive, hence, never giving up. These experiences taught her how to have faith and that hope is a choice. Regina’s realizations about her life was on point. She was blinded by her past, being the Evil Queen, and forgot how to live her life as Regina Mills. Most of the times, bad life experiences shaped us to become the person who we are now. It’s either changed us to turn out to be that good person the people admire us, or that bad person, lost person rather, that just need help from people if we just allow them to. As Regina said, life is made up of a lot of stories. We always have a chance to start a new one and hope that it will be better than the last.
 Additional notes:

  •  Every savior has its own villain. I believe this is true but I think the good always win not the other way around. And, can I just say that, I have a feeling that Emma’s villain will be the Evil Queen.
  • Regina said that Robin is at peace after his soul was obliterated. Does it mean that Robin will never be able to go back?  But a feather was shown falling on the bench where Snow and Regina was seated when left. Feather is a symbol of HOPE.
  • As the episode ended, the Evil Queen appeared to Zelena. She incidentally told her that Regina was the wrong sister Zelena wished for. I’m sure Zelena will team up with the Evil Queen after that confrontation with Regina.
  • Looking forward to know more about the saviors’ stories and to see Regina and the Evil Queen face-off in the future episodes.